Post Party Skin Recovery

Post Party Skin Recovery

If there's one thing that suffers from the party season, it's normally our skin. Late nights, prosecco-fuelled celebrations and not to mention the heaps of chocolate we consume all wreak havoc on our skins. Don't worry; all is not lost. We have the perfect guide and top tips from our clinicians to keep you glowing from dusk till dawn and no one will ever know!

1) Stay hydrated

It might seem like the obvious one but you'd be amazed how easy it is to forget the golden rule. Try to make sure you drink a large glass of water before bed after a night of celebrations. An excessive amount of alcohol decreases the body's production of the anti-diuretic hormone, which basically means you wee a lot more. If you can remember, drinking water in between alcoholic beverages is even better. Electrolyte drinks are also a good solution to the morning after effect, giving your body a good dose of sodium and potassium lost from the night before.

Emily says: “I always drink plenty of water when I get home from a late night. A good tip is to put a fresh bottle by your bedside ready for morning too.

2) Don't skip your breakfast

Many people avoid food the morning after in an attempt to balance out the drinking calories consumed the night before. This is not only dangerous but also very unwise. Starving the body and ignoring hunger pains will only lead to an upset metabolism. Fuelling your body with a good breakfast full of healthy fats will help you break down the alcohol and ease a queasy stomach. Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine that helps to breakdown the toxins that cause a hangover - sunny side up anyone?

Emily says: “I never skip breakfast as I know just how important it is to keep fuelling my body. If I'm craving a treat after a late night, I'll have a smoothie made with oats, Greek yogurt, fruit and a drop of honey.

3) Always remove your make up

Don't ever be tempted to run the line “I'm too tired or “It's just one night, it won't matter. Trust me, it will. Sleeping in your makeup causes it to clog up your pores, resulting in a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. If the unfortunate incident does occur, remove your makeup as soon as you wake up and give yourself a mini facial to remove dirt and debris.

Emily says: “When my skin is feeling a little dull, I always grab a Mesoestetic Crystal Fibre Mask and jump in the bath. I find wearing this in the bath for 20 minutes helps rehydrate my skin and recover any lost moisture.

4) Say goodbye to eye bags

The only bags you want to be seen with this season are the shopping kind. Early mornings, busy social events and sleepless nights often result in dark circles and puffy sockets.

Emily says: “I have to look fresh all the time at work so if my diet has slipped or I've been working late, I use Frownies Eye Gel Pads to help me fake a good nights sleep.

5) Sleep when possible

Okay, so it's hardly the time to be putting your feet up with a hot cocoa when there are parties to be attended. However, try when you can to get as much sleep as possible to make up for the late weekends.

Emily says: “I try to stay in through the week and make sure I get at least 8 hours a night. Dark evenings help make early nights easier and a late sunrise doesn't wake me up too soon.

6) Don't fall too far

I'm not suggesting for a second you shouldn't indulge a little this season, but don't slip so far that you end up regretting it come January. Cold nights can make it tempting to turn to hot comfort food but eating healthy doesn't have to mean boring.

Emily says: “My favourite breakfast in winter is porridge sprinkled with cinnamon. This festive spice helps speed up your metabolism and adds a kick to my oats.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future