Philip Kingsley Holistic Haircare

Philip Kingsley Holistic Haircare

The late Philip Kingsley was a true visionary in the world of haircare. Over the span of his successful career, he treated the hair of thousands of clients. From everyday women and men to models, actors, royalty, professional athletes, and tv personalities. But Philip Kingsley wasn‚Äôt only boosting¬†his client‚Äôs locks ‚Äď he was also boosting their confidence with his holistic haircare approach.

Believing in a holistic and hands-on approach to haircare, the Philip Kingsley brand takes their years of combined expertise in trichology and focuses on complete wellness for your hair. With a comprehensive collection of products, the award-winning range of professional haircare works to help you achieve and maintain healthy hair over time ‚Äď giving you long-term and sustainable results rather than a short-term fix.

What Is Trichology?

Trichology is the science of the structure, the function, and the diseases of human hair. It’s the same to your hair as a dermatologist is to your skin - and the Philip Kingsley team is comprised of specialist trichologists who are true experts when it comes to both haircare and scalp care. With their unrivalled  proficiency and powerhouse of knowledge, the brand provides just the right formulas to give you your healthiest, most luscious locks.

Philip Kingsley Holistic Haircare - Philip Kingsley Maximser

Top Philip Kinglsey Haicare Products To Try 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

The iconic and award-winning, pre-shampoo treatment, Elasticizer is known throughout the world of haircare and way beyond thanks to its incredibly powerful formula that helps to transform lacklustre locks.

The formula delivers moisture to your hair, reviving it with renewed bounce, silkiness, and beautiful shine - all without weighing your hair down. 

Instantly transforming dry and damaged hair, the Elasticizer helps to strengthen your strands - leaving even those frizzy and tangled locks soft and smooth.

Philip Kingsley Density Stimulating Scalp Mask

Enliven and balance your scalp with this stimulating mask. Working to promote the conditions favourable to healthy hair growth, the reviving formula revitalises and energises, whilst working to restore balance and moderate any excessive oil.

With a fragrance free haircare formula that's suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, it's time to embrace weightless, lively roots!

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Shampoo

Cleanse your hair from impurities whilst being ultra gentle on your sensitive skin.

Originally inspired by Philip’s wife’s battle with breast cancer, the No Scent No Colour range was designed to be gentle enough for her to use while she was undergoing chemotherapy. Today, the formula is deal for those who have allergic and reactive skin types, and who can't use strong surfactants and fragranced products. 

Philip Kingsley Nourish & Volume Jet Set

Ready for a little va-va-volume?

Boost your hair's oomph with this 3-step system which includes the iconic Elasticizer, along with Body Building Weightless Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Combination 
Conditioner. Designed to create volume, reduce static, and enhance shine, this travel-sized set will have you looking and feeling fabulous whether you're home or away. 

Philip Kingsley Holistic Haircare - Density

Philip Kingsley Overnight Scalp Barrier Serum

Lock-in that essential moisture, reduce sebum levels, and balance your scalp's microflora with the help of aloe vera and AHA's.

With a triple balancing action, the formula helps to fortify your natural skin barrier and improve the wellbeing of your scalp while you sleep.

Restore your scalp's health and protect your skin against a range of factors that can weaken its natural protective barrier, whilst also helping to alleviate intermittent flakes, excessive oil, dryness, and mild irritation.

Philip Kingsley Pure Colour Frizz Fighting Gloss

Instantly smooth and control frizz, whilst embrace soft and silky hair with a reflective shine with this frizz-fighting gloss. 

Helping colour to look more vibrant, this hair-loving gloss will have your locks looking lustrous. 

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster Mask

Expertly formulated with exacting levels of violet micro-pigment, this booster mask is designed to give your brassy bleached hair some well-needed nourishment.

Perfect for correcting yellow and brassy tones, the brightening formula can be used once a week to deeply condition your hair and keep your colour looking salon-fresh.

Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Polishing Serum

This one-of-a-kind balm has a silky and conditioning serum formula that works to enhance your hair's shine and treat your split ends. The vegan-friendly formula is created with advanced silicones to give you smooth and sleek strands.  

Philip Kingsley Holistic Haircare - Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley Maximizer Plumping Cream

Plump up your locks with this nourishing yet weightless formula.

With a multi-vitamin complex, the cream adds shine and manageability to your hair whilst minimising frizz. 

Philip Kingsley Volumising Froth

Raise your roots with long-lasting body and volume. Allowing you to style with control and manageability, this volumising froth won't leave your locks feeling heavy or coated.

The vegan-friendly formula contains cactus flower extract, aloe vera extract, pro-vitamin B5, and corn starch to protect, nourish, and regulate moisture, whilst providing a lasting style to give you healthier-looking and healthier-feeling hair.

Philip Kingsley Vitamin C Jelly Kit

Deeply cleanse your hair and remove impurities caused by hard water minerals, pollution, and products. 

Using the power of vitamin C, the formula purifies, detoxifies, and eliminates scalp build-up. Rich in antioxidants, the jelly kit neutralises free radicals and shields your scalp from oxidative stress - giving a burst of volume and shine to all hair types. 

Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo

Put your hair wash routine on hold for just one more day with this oil, sweat, and odour absorbing dry shampoo. 

Residue-free and volumising, this hair treatment is ideal for all hair types and will leave your hair scalp and strands feeling refreshing and protected in-between washes. 

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