The Perfect Self-Tanning Routine With Rose & Caramel

Rose & Caramel Self Tan Mousse

Thinking about giving yourself a bronzed Summer glow? Whether you're a fake tan addict or a newbie, self-tan can often feel intimidating with the fear of developing streaks, missing patches, or an orange hue as opposed to a sun-kissed glow. 

But, fake tan shouldn't be difficult or scary. That's why we've created our ultimate guide to getting the perfect self-tan routine with Rose & Caramel. Founded in 2010, this award-winning tanning brand formulates self-tan body care for all skin types and tones to help you achieve a sunkissed glow all year round. From easy-to-apply tanning mousses, to tanning mists, and tan removing gels. Their innovative and unique formulations will give you a streak-free, bronzed glow every time. 

The perfect self-tan routine

Step 1: Choose your self-tan

First, decide on the type of fake tan formula that you want to apply. Rose & Caramel have a wide range of easy-to-use mousse formulas that are first-timer friendly and promise amazing results. Choose from their self-adjusting and transfer-free Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Mousse for a natural, sun-kissed glow, or if you're after a deeper finish their Velvety Dark Olive Tanning Mousse features a bespoke green undertone to eliminate unwanted orange tones to revel a full-coverage dark, yet natural-looking tan that lasts.

Rose & Caramel Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Mousse

Step 2: Remove any old fake tan

It's important to remove any old fake tan to avoid unwanted streaks or patches. This can be done with a body scrub or exfoliating gloves, but we recommend using Rose & Caramel Purity Excel 3 Minute Miracle Tan Remover - a unique blend of self-tan removal ingredients including natural pearlite and rejuvenating salts that remove excess tan in just 3 minutes. Enhanced with a Mango and Pomegranate scent, Purity Excel is the fastest method of self-tan removal available (now that's impressive). Simply apply a generous layer onto at least 3-day old tan, and leave it to sit on the skin for 3 minutes before buffing with an exfoliating glove and then rinsing away. 

Rose & Caramel Purity Excel 3 Minute Miracle Tan Remover

Step 3: Exfoliate

Before you apply any tanning product, it is very important that you exfoliate your body at least 24-hours before tanning to remove dead skin cells and create the perfect base for your chosen tanning products. Pay particular attention to areas prone to dryness including the elbows, knees, feet, and ankles. For best results, use a gentle yet effective scrub such as Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Body Scrub supercharged with Glycolic Acid and Shea Butter to remove dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin. 

Step 4: Moisturise

After you've exfoliated, make sure that you apply plenty of moisturiser to prevent your fake tan from clinging onto dry areas. Its important that you do this a few hours before tanning, as too much hydration could prevent the self-tan from adhering to the skin and developing properly. We recommend using the Prep & Protect Hydration Mist that floods your skin with moisture for up to 48 hours, making it the perfect product to prep your tan.

Rose & Caramel Purity Prep & Protect

Step 5: Apply your self-tan

Now comes the exciting part. When applying your chosen self-tan, we recommend using a mitt to protect your hands from unwanted orange palms. Using a mitt also ensures an even, easy, and smooth application. For a streak and patch-free finish, start from the bottom up and apply the product in circular motions to make sure that you don't miss any areas. For the hands and feet, buff any excess tan onto these areas to avoid streaks. Keep in mind that less is definitely more when it comes to tanning, as applying too much product at once might not give you the finish you desire. For difficult to reach areas such as your back, it is best to ask someone to help with this. 

Don't forget the face! Rose & Caramel Nudity Aqua Clear Facial Mist gives a healthy glow with a flawless finish, and is infused with Niacinamide to improve skin texture, even skin tone, reduce pores, and minimise dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Simply hold 15cm from the face and spray onto clean, dry skin and wait 6-8 hours for it to develop. For a deeper tan and lasting skincare benefits, use the mist daily. 

Rose & Caramel Nudity Aqua Clear Facial Mist

Step 6: Maintain

Hydration is key to maintaining a streak-free, long-lasting tan. Again, the Purity Prep & Protect Spray is perfect for this, as it features revolutionary hydrating technology that won't break down any self-tan formulas, helping to extend the life of your sunkissed glow. 

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