FTF's Best New Beauty Brands Of 2023

FTF's Best Beauty Brands Of 2023

Skincare makeup hybrids have become a real craze this year. To help you embrace the trend that infuses skin-loving ingredients with high-performance makeup formulas, we listened to what you were searching for and launched some of the best beauty brands to give you a selection of dreamy products to help you create your natural everyday makeup looks, or your go-to night out glam. 

From the makeup you wished for by et al. to the experts in cosmetic hygiene by ISOCLEAN, your makeup stash has never looked better than in 2023.

1. HD Brows

This powerhouse beauty brand has taken your brow game to the next level with their innovative collection of brow and brow-care products. With over 30 years of experience, the founder of HD Brows, Karen Betts, has worked to design products and treatments to help you create the perfect eyebrow look. In 2008, she launched HD Brows to bring a range of salon-professional treatments and products to the market to help you feel amazing through beautiful brows.

If you haven't given this ultra-professional brow brand a try yet, you have to give the bestselling HD Brows Browtec a go! The retractable eyebrow pencil comes with an ultra-slim tip so you can create super precise brush strokes, and includes a handy brush so you can finish in style. With a non-oily formula, the perfect blend of waxes will provide you with long-lasting results so you don't have to worry about any smudging all day long.

FTF's Best Beauty Brands Of 2023

2. et al.

Skincare makeup just might be the most revolutionary part to come out of 2023. Why wouldn't you want makeup products that complement your skincare regime? If this sounds like something you need to take into 2024, let us introduce you to et al. With a story that began with a makeup artist, a scientist, and over 30 years of skin health science at the iiaa, these products have been carefully designed with you in mind. 

Makeup shouldn't undo all the efforts we go through in our skincare regime. Instead, each product should complement each other, working to leave you with healthy, glowing skin. 

Whilst only being with us since May 2023, et al. have become a much loved fave with our FTF customers. The et al. Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation has hit the top spot as one of our beauty best sellers, and we definitely know why. 

With a synergy of skincare actives, this innovative foundation not only works to hydrate and brighten your skin but also provides you with a gorgeous natural coverage for everyday wear. Formulated with industry loved skincare ingredients including vitamin E and vitamin C, your skin will be protected all day long whilst looking flawlessly smooth and hydrated.


Although it can't be easy, you should never forget to wash your makeup brushes! With constant daily use, bacteria and build up of makeup can both hinder your ability to use your brushes correctly and can also transfer harmful bacteria onto your skin. ISOCLEAN have just made it super easy to keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean and sanitised preventing bacteria build up. Whether you're a makeup professional or a makeup wearer, this is the perfect product to keep in your kit wherever you go.

Coming in at the top spot for our 2023 best seller title when it comes to makeup hygiene is the professionals-favourite: ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner With Spray Top. This handy, easy-to-use formula makes cleaning and sanitising your brushes light work as it removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in just 60 sections. Simply spray directly onto your brushes and leave the specifically designed formula as it works to remove even the toughest of makeup and dirt. To top it off, there is no rinsing required so you can keep on top of keeping your brushes clean and sanitised whether you wear makeup everyday, or just the occasional glam.

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