Nursem: The Skincare Brand Born On A Nursing Ward

nursem skincare

When Antonia, a paediatric intensive care nurse, kept returning home with sore, cracked and bleeding hands from constant hand washing at work, she began to wonder if she could come up with a solution. Together with her husband Jonny, the pair began working on an idea that could not only help Antonia, but other nurses and midwifes across the UK experiencing the same issue, too.  

After seven years of working with a group of British nurses, laboratories, and Newcastle Science City to perfect their formula, Antonia and Jonny launched Nursem: the skincare brand helping to heal and protect sore skin whilst giving back through the Nursem Promise. 

The Nursem Promise 

On an average day, a nurse will wash their hands around 55 times to protect their patients. This destroys their skin's natural barrier and leads to painfully dry, cracked and even bleeding hands.

Over the span of their nursing career, 87% of nurses will suffer with painful skin conditions due to the need for frequent hand washing.

Staggeringly, the NHS spends around £9 million each year to cover for the sickness absence that's caused by contact dermatitis. 

Antonia and Jonny knew that that they wanted to make a real difference to our nurses and midwives to help alleviate their painful symptoms. So, they created the Nursem Promise: a promise that sees them donate a month's worth of hand cream to a nurse of midwife with every Nursem product purchased.

On Thursday 12th May 2022 - International Nurse's Day - Antonia and Jonny celebrated the milestone of sending enough Nursem hand cream to help soothe and repair the hands of over half a million nurses and midwives. 

A Focus On Caring

Since the beginning, Nursem has taken its inspiration from the nursing community's care, compassion, and drive to make a positive impact on patient's lives. With that in mind, the brand carry 'care' through all they do. From the careful development or gentle products designed for even the most sensitive of skin, to working to cruelty-free standards, and always minimising their environmental impact. 

Effective, Kind To Skin Ingredients

All Nursem formulas must meet two strict expectations:

1. They must deliver exceptional skin benefits
2. They must be equally gentle on the skin 

Nursem focus on efficacious, high-quality ingredients that work to love your skin back to its best health through gentle, soothing formulas. 

Inspired By The Nursing Ward

All Nursem products contain quality, natural ingredients that includes plant-derived offerings like passionfruit and pomegranate seed oils, and powerful skin conditioners like medical grade Maunka honey rated +15, allatntoin, colloidal oatmeal, and pro-vtiamin B5. 

Suitable for sensitive skin, the products are rigorously tested both on experts and consumers and are proven to work.

Nursem Hand Wash

Nursem Caring Hand Wash

This sls-free and soap-free formula contains three types of surfactants, that work just like a traditional soap, to cleanse your hands gently but effectively. The low-lathering formula helps to protect sensitive skin.


Nursem Caring Hand Wash

Nursem Hand Care

Nursem Caring Hand Cream

Naturally fragranced with bergamot, petitgrain, and grapefruit essential oils, this bestselling formula for dry and sore hands contains manuka honey to heal, white willow bark extract to soothe, and plant oils to protect your skin and keep it well conditioned.


Nursem Caring Hand Cream

Nursem Hand Care Minis Set

Perfect for travelling with, trying out, or even gifting, the hand care minis set includes: 30ml Caring Hand Wash, 30ml Caring Hand Cream, and 25ml Caring Skin Fix. Everything you need to care for your hands and keep them feeling supple, soft, and comforted.  


Nursem Hand Care Minis Set

Nursem Skincare

Nursem Ultra Caring Body Balm

This rich and intensively nourishing formula is designed to give daily care and immediate relief to extremely dry, dehydrated, and sore skin. Stimulating your body’s natural filaggrin production, the unscented balm helps to give you healthier, more balanced, radiant skin.

Nursem Ultra Caring Body Balm

Nursem Caring Skin Fix

This intensive nourishing formula is a targeted treatment for relieving those small areas that are persistently dry and sore, like cracked heels, or dry fingertips and knuckles. Fragrance free, the formula is ideal for those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Nursem Caring Skin Fix

Nursem Body Care Minis Set

Perfect to travel with or try before you commit to the full size, this handy set contains an ultra-gentle Caring Body Wash, and nourishing Caring Body Cream to cleanse, soothe and moisturise your skin back to a healthy, hydrated balance.


Nursem Body Care Minis Set


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