New In: Trilogy Organic Skincare

New In: Trilogy Organic Skincare

Driven by discovery to work with nature, Trilogy is organic skincare at its finest. Winner of countless awards and a hot favourite of beauty bloggers, we decided it was time to try and test the Trilogy brand, the ultimate queen of organic skincare.

Founded by New Zealand sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot, Trilogy started its days in 2002 with 5 skincare products based around the powerful benefits of rosehip oil. It has now blossomed into an international company with over 40 alternatives to synthetically developed cosmetics, sold in 20 countries around the globe.As my clients know, I'm a hardcore chemical junkie. The stronger the better and I tend to keep organic where I believe it belongs in the kitchen! So who better to try it out, than a complete cynic?

I've always like the idea of organic skincare but I fear the term organic is used very loosely. So first of all what is organic skincare? Well, Trilogy have that sussed. To correctly label a brand organic it must have a specific certification. Trilogy reassured me they have organic certification from BioGro New Zealand's leading certifier of natural and organic ingredients on their products. This means a guarantee of no animal testing, no genetic modification and no synthetic pesticides.

Ok, so now we have cleared that one up. We know its 100% organic but is it any good?

After a couple of summer vacations my skin has been a little neglected recently, its suffering post summer blues and dry would be an understatement. So I took the advice from the Trilogy experts and decided to give the 'Rosehip collection' a try. It claims to nourish and hydrate the skin, naturally of course.

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

So this product I get. I am fully aware of the benefits of rosehip oil and its multi-functioning antioxidant properties. Plus let's face it, city life needs all the antioxidants going. I have had many clients swear by rosehip oil, although I have always stayed clear due to my 'acne prone' skin. It wasn't as heavy as I expected and actually felt pleasantly surprising on the skin. It also didn't stimulate any nasty breakouts like I expected so far so good.

Vital Moisturising Cream

This was the one I was most reluctant to use. Me and moisturisers don't mix well. However in the true name of research I took the plunge, fingers first. Again it was pleasantly light despite the name suggesting otherwise. I used it on my neck, chest and back of hands where I really felt it was needed.

Cream Cleanser

I struggle with cream cleansers, as a mineral makeup lover I normally find they just don't do the trick at removing foundation. I confess I did 'double cleanse' (my clients know how I feel about this sin). This would be the most difficult for me to get used to but for a mature, dehydrated or lipid dry skin this would be a dream. I would advise investing in a good eye makeup remover though as it gets a little messy trying to wipe away panda eyes with this.

Hydrating Mist Toner

Two words. Love it. I hate the word toner so I'm going to rename this product simply 'Hydrating Mist'. In fact this product happened to conveniently get lost in my bathroom shelf so it will be staying with me. Use twice a day all over the face to do just what it says on the bottle, hydrate.So if you're a hard and fast organic bunny, I would definitely recommend giving Trilogy a go, and even if you're not maybe it's time to take a chance on nature.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future