In Conversation with Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader Face Oil on stone background

It’s not often that a new skincare line grabs headlines, unwavering attention and a dedicated following around the world within months of its launch. And it’s not often that said brand manages to achieve this purely on the quality of the product alone – no big marketing stunts, celebrity endorsements or thousands upon thousands spent in advertising needed.

But that’s exactly what Augustinus Bader has achieved, the eponymous skincare line from acclaimed scientist Professor Augustinus Bader, and co-founder Charles Rosier.

And it didn’t begin as skincare line at all. Professor Bader has spent years in the medical field, and created a ground-breaking wound gel that rehabilitates the skin of burns victims. A meeting with Rosier – who saw the potential to take this innovative technology and use it to create a powerful anti-ageing cream – lead to the launch of just two products: The Cream (for normal/oily skin) and The Rich Cream (for dry skin). The rest, as they say, is history and the line now includes everything for a high-performing skincare routine.

We sat down with Professor Bader to find out more.

How would you describe your skincare line?

As a medical doctor and a research scientist, applying scientific knowledge to skincare is motivated by functionality and understanding of medical needs, and not a one-dimensional pure commercial approach - medicine means understanding how to care for someone's health. This perspective is the premise of my approach to skincare, which centres on respecting, first and foremost, human skin physiology and skin health. I will only release products that bring a real solution to our consumers. 

It's about maintaining the highest efficacy levels while viewing the long-term goal of better overall skin health. In this respect, we are pioneers in our niche.

Three bottles of Augustinus Bader The Cream on stone plinths


Your background is in science and medicine. Why the move into skincare?

At the time, I'd only ever worked in a medical or academic setting, and I had never imagined that I might create a skincare product for consumers. Several years ago, I developed a medical-grade hydrogel that could provide rapid, scar-free healing for those afflicted by severe burns. Pharmaceutical companies weren't as willing to fund clinical trials because the number of burn cases in the Western world was not so high. For a pharmaceutical group, it's not necessarily the most lucrative venture.

At that point, I met the co-founder of the brand, Charles Rosier, who had the vision to apply the technology to skincare consumer products to help raise awareness – and ultimately funding – for my medical research. He had seen how the wound gel regenerated burned skin and was convinced I could create a disruptive skincare product of superior quality to whatever else was in the market. After he threw the concept on the table, it took him another two years to persuade me to take it seriously.

What finally convinced me to embark on the project was my patients' reaction to an early prototype. I gave the product to patients with diabetic wounds, their skin became healthier-looking and stronger, and I could see how happy it made them; so, for me, even though it was just a skincare product, it developed a kind of medical meaning.

It was sort of by accident that I came into skincare, but it's with a purpose.  

In a short amount of time since launching, the Augustinus Bader skincare line has gained fans all over the world. Why do you think it's been so popular?

I could not have anticipated how the Augustinus Bader skincare brand was received. It's been quite extraordinary. Word of mouth recommending the creams to friends by satisfied users has been the best response, and it makes us proud to realise this. 

Hearing that celebrities and other famous people love Augustinus Bader was nothing I had ever expected.

Your skincare is famous for its TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) technology. How does that work?

Our skincare technology moves in the field of epigenetics - in other words, it works with the skin's own intrinsic repair needs by delivering various active ingredients that control and influence the skin cells in a targeted manner. This combination of active ingredients is what makes up our proprietary "Trigger-Factor Complex 8®" or TFC8®. It contains building blocks of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesised molecules in an exact concentration and combination found naturally in healthy young skin. 

TFC8® functions like GPS by utilising a novel transporting mechanism (made up of ceramide structures). Its purpose is to navigate and deliver this complex of nutrient compounds to the correct location in the cellular microenvironment to support the skin's natural remodelling process. 

Because the formula works with skin functions, it naturally personalises the products to each user, allowing it to have the flexibility to address everything from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to redness and elasticity. 

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream


What skin concerns do your products target?

The formulas work independently from gender, ethnicity, or age differences but adjust accordingly to your skin needs. The aim here is to achieve the best and healthiest skin for each individual; the longer it's used, the stronger and more immaculate the skin will look.

Are they suitable for all skin types? 

We pride ourselves on creating skincare products that are highly universal.

The choice of the formula is a matter of personal preference and skin type.

Which product(s) would you recommend to someone trying Augustinus Bader for the first time?

The Rich Cream and The Cream are very popular as they suit the texture preferences of the two most common skin types, normal-oily and dry skin.

The creams work best when our active ingredient, TFC8®, is the first point of contact with clean skin. For optimum results, I would recommend gentle cleansing and toning followed by the Augustinus Bader cream best suited for your skin type—either The Cream or The Rich Cream. 

What's been the biggest highlight for Augustinus Bader so far?

It's been gratifying to see how many people have been helped by the creams. Keeping your skin healthy will give you an abundance of protection for the rest of your life. I think that's one of the best take-home messages that these people get, that there's something which ideally helps their skin, protects their skin, and I think about it as a part of being healthy as a human being. 

What can we expect to see next? 

We are working on many innovations and developments and hope to be releasing some of them in the coming months!


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Written by: Angharad Jones