Hyaluronic Acid: How To Use This Skincare Essential

Hyaluronic Acid: How To Use This Skincare Essential

It certainly isn't the new kid on the block in terms of ingredients. In fact, it's been a staple in skincare routines for many years. But if you are used to slathering on a HA serum morning and evening, you may not have thought about the way you are using Hyaluronic Acid and how it could have a negative effect on your skin. Read on to find out more...

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a carbohydrate molecule and a natural component of skin. It provides the necessary moisture within connective tissue to encourage overall skin health. It's worth noting that although HA is a natural component of skin, the ingredient you find in your serum is a synthetic version!

Why is Hyaluronic Acid popular in skincare?

As we age, our natural Hyaluronic Acid levels deplete, which leads to a reduced ability to preserve moisture, leaving skin less plump with a loss of firmness. The popular skin ingredient has been lauded as a must-have for all skin types thanks to its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. When applied topically, its restorative abilities help to boost skin's moisture content, soothe and prevent moisture loss.

How does Hyaluronic Acid work?

So we know it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. But how does Hyaluronic Acid actually work? When you apply a HA serum to your skin, it acts like a sponge by attracting moisture to boost hydration on the surface of skin. But where is that moisture coming from? The moisture that Hyaluronic Acid attracts comes from your external environment, so it absorbs moisture from the air around you to leave skin plumped and hydrated. However “ and here is where the issue may lie “ if you have dry or dehydrated skin or the atmosphere around you is dry (think heating/air con), Hyaluronic Acid will actually draw moisture from the deeper layers of skin, bringing it to the surface and potentially exacerbating your dry skin symptoms.

How do I use Hyaluronic Acid correctly?

Hyaluronic Acid works most effectively when it is sandwiched between two layers of additional moisture. Think of your HA serum as your sandwich filling with layers of moisture either side for your bread. Anyone else hungry? So, start with a freshly cleansed base (of course) and spritz your face to dampen skin ready for the next step and the application of your hydrating serum.Next apply your Hyaluronic Acid serum while skin is still damp, I like to do this using a push & press technique. With the serum spread evenly across the palms of your hands, gently push/press your hands across your face and neck to get a nice even coverage. Seal in all that hydration with your moisturiser of choice and don't forget SPF during the day!

Start with a spritz!

Here are our top 3 picks for facial spritzers.


Pestle and Mortar Balance Spritz

This multi-tasking facial mist protects against the effects of skin pollution, delivers hydration and balances sebum production in a relaxing, fine mist.This relaxing and refreshing mist is formulated with deep sea Irish magnesium, amino acids and herbal extracts. This calming blend of ingredients works to refresh, calm and clarify the skin. Skin is offered an instant pick-me-up, boosts hydration, improves skin health, balances sebum production and reduces skin pollution.

iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist

A light, refreshing mist that is packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients to transform dull, dehydrated skin into a glowing and radiant complexion. Copper PCA works to stimulate collagen synthesis, toning and firming the skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. The antibacterial, anti microbial and sebum balancing properties help to calm irritation, reduce breakouts and improve the overall clarity of the complexion.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray

Soothe and refresh skin with this oil balancing and mattifying spritz. This spray is ideal for oily, blemish-prone skin thanks to active ingredient, Zinc Sulphate. Zinc Sulphate helps to heal compromised skin and calm inflammation associated redness. A great addition to any routine where combatting oil and shine is a must!

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acids!

It's one of our favourite serums but we've managed to narrow it down to our top four!

Mesoestetic HA Densimatrix

Hyaluronic Acid concentrate in several forms and molecular weights, in combination with a potent antioxidant, delivers a moisturising, anti ageing and filling action whilst also promoting collagen and elastin synthesis to improve skin firmness and elasticity in an ultra lightweight water-gel texture. This multi-molecular weight water-gel serum absorbs immediately to hydrate and fill lines. Plant extract and potent antioxidant, anti-hyaluronidase complex, protects skin against environmental aggressors that cause ageing, sun damage and stressed out skin, which leads to the reduction and degradation of skin's natural Hyaluronic Acid reserves.

SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier

This intensive treatment serum is formulated with a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid to dramatically increase firmness, elasticity and hydration.

Formulated with a high concentration of 1.3% pure hyaluronic acid, long lasting hydration is restored and the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin texture is dramatically smoothed. This serum is also enriched with a blend of 10% Proxylane™ and 2% Licorice Root Extract work together to preserve and support HA levels.

Image Skincare Ageless Total

This new and updated formula from Image Skincare contains six forms of hyaluronic acid with varying molecular weights to boost hydration, plump skin and fill fine lines. Skin is nourished and hydrated instantly and throughout the day/night thanks to the innovative time-release formula, helping to fill lines without the need for injections.

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum

Restore moisture levels in dehydrated skin, while also increasing the skin's suppleness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this ultra lightweight, non-greasy formulation.

The blend of skin-softening Vitamin B5 and moisture-enhancing Hyaluronic Acid re-establish the skin's natural hydro-balance to reveal a smooth, supple and luminous complexion.

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Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future