Friday, 09 December 2016

How To Reduce Redness and Flushing

At this time of year, the harsh winter weather makes us all prone to getting a little rosy-cheeked every now and then, but what happens when that redness is a little more permanent? Certain skins find that they are hypersensitive to both internal and external triggers that cause the skin flush, which can often cause discomfort and embarrassment, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.

What are the triggers of flushing?

The triggers can vary from skin to skin but common triggers often include certain foods, alcohol, central heating and everyday activities such as exercise. It could be a combination of these triggers, just one or all of the above, but getting to know your skin is the first place to start in treating redness.

How can I treat it?

Sensitivity to redness and flushing is often a sign that the skin barrier is in need of some repair. Dermaviduals is a clinical German brand that we love here at Face the Future for its clean formulas free from perfumes, preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones and other ingredients that might irritate and aggravate already red skin. Their nourishing DMS High Classic cream contains ceramides and fatty acids that mimic natural skin processes to help restore hydration and comfort. There's also a range of active concentrates that can be mixed with the cream or used alone to also help restore a healthy complexion:
  • Linseed Oil is high in omega 3, an essential fatty acid that our skin cannot produce naturally. Our only sources are through our diet and skincare products. Skins lacking in omega 3 tend to suffer with diffused redness, dryness and irritation.
  • Boswellia is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes and calms the skin.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is high in another essential fatty acid, omega 6.
  • Butchers Broom is an unusually named nanoparticle that stabilizes and strengthens blood vessels to visibly reduce redness and flushing.
The Dermaviduals range features a whole host of powerful yet kind to skin actives that can be combined to target all your specific skincare concerns. No skins are the same, so it takes a different approach to restore a clear, healthy and radiant complexion. Why not book in for a free consultation at a clinic by calling 0113 282 3300. Alternatively, our skincare experts are on hand 6 days a week to offer free advice. Give them a call on 0113 282 3181.Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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