How To Boost Your January Detox

How To Boost Your January Detox

So, we're now two weeks into the New Year and hopefully you're managing to keep up that resolution to make 2016 the year for a healthier you. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard, particularly during the first few weeks, but making sure you stick to your new routine will give you amazing results in the future, so stick with it! Other than a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are a few additions you can add to help boost the effects of your program. Here are our top January detox picks.


We all enjoy a good cup of tea “ in fact there's not much point in even speaking to me in a morning until I've had my brew “ so this is one of the easiest additions for any tea lover. Fruiteatox is a 100% natural tea blend to aid your detox. With a lemon flavoured Daytox and orange Sleeptox, these tasty drinks increase metabolism, suppress your appetite, help you stay fuller for longer and support and maintain weight loss. Plus the natural extracts promote healthy, radiant skin. If drinking a cuppa is already part of your daily routine, switching the tea bag you use can make a huge difference!

Advanced Nutrition Programme Pure Detox Pack

Detoxing is all about ridding the body of toxins, particularly after times of over indulgence. This one month pack supports your body at every stage of the detoxing process. Skin Pure supports the liver when filtering toxins, Probiotics contains a beneficial bacteria that helps to eliminate toxins, while Skin Vit C boosts the immune system so it can defend the body and skin against harmful free radicals. Taking each of these supplements everyday will improve energy levels and reveal healthy, glowing skin.


Developed by health and fitness coach Matt Hancocks, Mattsupps are a range of 100% whole food nutritional supplements. No matter how organic, fresh and healthy your diet may be, there are still essential nutrients that we will be lacking in, or completely missing. These range of powdered super antioxidants can be added to water or blended into juices and smoothies to conveniently boost your missing nutrients. Available in berries and greens formulas, find the formula for you and drink your way to a healthier body and skin!

For any assistance in your weight loss, we now have our nutrition and fitness expert Claire available in clinic. She can help and support you with exercise, meal plans, supplements and juices.

Her expert advice is not to be missed out on, so call the clinic on 0113 282 7744 for more information!

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future