Hi-Tech Skincare with UNICSKIN

Hi-Tech Skincare with UNICSKIN

Skincare is an ever changing and evolving entity. We've moved on from the bare basics of cleanse, tone and moisturise to the use of revolutionary active ingredients and targeted serums that achieve real results. Now, skincare has taken a hi-tech turn and home-use devices are becoming the norm

In today's blog, we are looking at two of our favourite hi-tech skincare products from Spanish dermocosmetic brand, UNICSKIN.

UNICSKIN UnicLED Korean Mask

Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Face the Future, Kate, recently wrote about LED Lights & How They Can Improve Your Skin. And now you can bring this revolutionary technology to the comfort of your own home!UNICSKIN UnicLED Korean Mask is comprised of 7 different colour light settings, helping to treat different skin concerns and requirements.UNICRED “ Red lightThe red light acts as an anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation therapy. The infrared uses a long wavelength, activating cell regeneration, fibroblasts and stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin. As a result, it helps to substantially reduce wrinkles and fine lines; closes large pores; and prevents the aging of the skin.UNICGREEN “ Green lightThe green light helps to control hyperpigmentation of the skin and has a great regenerative power of skin nutrients damaged by sun and age. The green light acts against the melanocytes, the melanin forming cells in the inner part of the epidermis, inhibiting the production of excess melanin.As a result, it helps eliminate dark spots on the skin and is highly beneficial for people suffering hyperpigmentation, melasma and vitiligo. Dark scars are lightened and skin tone is equal with expression lines reduced.UNICBLUE “ Blue lightBlue light acts as a powerful anti-acne treatment, working to cure blemishes by starting at the root cause: the bacteria that causes acne. The blue wavelength has the ability to penetrate the skin and produce radical oxygen that destroys the bacteria P-Acne bacteria.UNICYELLOW “ Yellow lightYellow light, on the one hand stimulates lymphatic circulation, improves the oxygenation of the cells and favours the immune system. As a result, it helps reduce redness (couperose) and irritation; regulates sensitive skin; and increases the luminosity and softness of the skin.Yellow light also stimulates the nervous system, improving muscle and tissue tone. As a result, it has a highly firming and tightening effect on the skin.UNICWATER BLUE “ Water blue lightThe water blue light activates energy in the cells, facilitating the normal function of the metabolism. Energy flows through the skin and the rest of the body. As a result, it has a relaxing, energising and soothing effect on the skin.UNICPURPLE “ Purple lightA combination of red light and blue light creates purple light, which helps eliminate toxins, reduces inflammation and improves healing and circulation of blood. As a result, purple light is highly recommended after aggressive and invasive treatments (such as Botox, fillers or lasers), since it considerably reduces inflammation and marks. It also helps wound healing; reduces visible acne and acne marks.UNICWHITE “ White lightWhite light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and is highly effective in cell regeneration and reactivation of metabolism. As a result, it helps to reduce fine lines, regenerates ageing skin and improves flaccidity.Use of the white light is a perfect complement to anti-ageing therapy with red LED light. In the case of people concerned both by the appearance of wrinkles and by sagging of the skin, it is recommended to use red and white light together with 15 minutes of each light.The intelligent design is comfortable to wear, easy to use and does not use any UV lights or lasers, making it a totally safe technique. UNICSKIN UnicLED Korean Mask can be used for any skin type and colour, even darker skin, as it stimulates the tissue to repair itself naturally.

UNICSKIN UnicThermo-Sonic 2.0

This smart, hi-tech facial brush takes your cleansing routine to the next level. The brush is comprised of 100% non-porous hygienic medical grade silicone and has two innovative technologies to cleanse the skin, fight against pollution and efficiently massage.The multi-tasking facial brush delivers a smooth and gentle exfoliation with 10,000 pulses per minute to combat pollution and acne. On the opposite side to the facial brush is a unique massager, which can be used on the eye contour to reduce puffy eye bags, wrinkles and under eye circles as well as around the mouth or on the lips to reduce lines and wrinkles.The innovative heated sonic and intermittent/vibrating technology helps you see visible results even from the first session. The innovative technologies combined with the intelligent designs helps to combat ageing of the face, neck and eyes.For all these products and more, shop online now! To book a face-to-face consultation with our professional clinicians, call 0113 282 3300. If you are looking for skincare advice, take our online skin test now and receive personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox!Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future