How To Use Your Face Massage Tools Properly

face massage tools guide

Facial massage tools may be currently trending everywhere but the practise of facial massage is in fact centuries old. A go-to technique for traditional Chinese medicine, tools like the gua sha and the roller are usually made with crystals like jade and rose quartz due to their cooling and healing properties. When used correctly, they can help to transform a dull complexion back to life. If you're intrigued by face massage tools but don't know where to start, here's your 101 guide. 

The Benefits of Face Massage Tools

  • Stimulate blood flow: according to Healthline, using a face massage roller can help to increase the blood circulation in your face. This means that blood cells rise to the surface of your skin, giving you a brighter looking complexion that feels firmer to the touch.¬†
  • Apply skin products evenly: a facial massager, along with the pressure on your skin, can help a serum or oil soak into your skin deeper.¬†
  • Cool the skin: stones such as jade or rose quartz are naturally cool, therefore when you apply these onto the skin, the result is instantly cooling and refreshing. For even better results, we recommend that you keep your face massagers in the fridge. This can be extra beneficial if your skin type is sensitive and easily irritated as the blast of cold feels super soothing.¬†¬†
  • Reduce puffiness: if you wake up with a slightly puffy face, a facial massage tool helps with lymphatic drainage. This is where fluid called lymph (including toxins) is pushed back into the bloodstream to filter through your system.¬†
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles: as the facial tools promote lymphatic flow, this is also thought to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags.¬†

How to use a Face Massage Roller

Prep: Cleanse and moisturise your skin and pat dry. Apply a moisturising serum or cream onto your skin. Ensure your face roller is clean and dry. 

Step 1: Hold the roller lightly in your hands with your forefinger at the base. Start at the neck and roll downwards in a smooth motion with light pressure. Do each area at least three times and then move on to the next part of your neck. 

Step 2: Hold the roller at the centre of your jawline and roll up towards your left ear. Once you have reached the top of your jawline, tilt the roller and roll down your neck. Repeat this three times and then do the same on the right hand side of your jawline. 

Step 3: Place the facial roller on the centre of your lips (keep them closed) and roll out towards your ear on the left hand side three times. Repeat on the right hand side. 

Step 4: Continue the same technique on each side of your nose, swiping over the base of your cheeks towards your ears three times on each side. 

Step 5: Flip the massage roller around and use the small roller for underneath your eye - pay special attention to this sensitive area and be super light with your pressure. Start at the inner corner of the left eye and swipe towards your hairline three times. Repeat on the right hand side. 

Step 6: Shut your eyes and use the large roller with the same technique as Step 5. 

Step 7: Use the same movement on your eyebrows and slowly move up to the forehead, making sure you always start from the centre and roll outwards. 

If you'd like more of a visual guidance, watch Skin enthusiast ReneŐĀe's (@gothamista) video tutorial.¬†

How to use a Gua Sha Facial Tool

Prep: Cleanse and moisturise your skin and pat on an oil or moisturiser. Don't forget to apply around your eyes and on your neck and use a little bit more than you usually would during your normal routine. If your skin is having a reaction due to acne, rosacea or eczema, for example, it is best to wait until it has cleared before you use a gua sha massage tool on your skin. 

Step 1: Use the notched side of the ancient chinese face tool and lightly drag upwards at the back of your neck. When you reach the top near the base of your skull, add more pressure and wiggle the gua sha around to release any tension. Repeat this stroke 5 times. 

Step 2: Start at your neck and use the long side of the gua sha facial lifting tool flat against your skin. Lightly drag the gua sha from your shoulder upwards towards your neck and end at your jawline. Repeat three times and then move on to the next area of your neck not forgetting the sides of your neck, too. Move in towards the centre of your neck. 

Step 3: Using the notched side of the gua sha, start at the centre of your jawline and glide the tool up your jaw towards your ear. Once you reach the top of your jaw, lightly add more pressure and wiggle the tool into your skin for 10-20 seconds. 

Step 4: Then move up to your nose and use flat side of the gua sha and do the same technique, ensuring you start at the side of you nose working outwards toward your hairline. 

Step 5: Move to the eye are and use the flat side again to gently glide the gua sha below the eye socket outwards towards your temple, making sure you do an extra spot of massaging once you reach that area. Repeat on both sides. 

Step 6: Use the notched side of the gua sha again and move up to your eyebrow area using the exact same technique. 

Step 7: Place the notched side on the area between your eyes so that it is comfortable nestled between the top of the ridge of your nose and add light pressure for 10-20 seconds. 

Step 8: Then use the flat side of the gua sha and start at the top of your nose, drag the tool upwards towards the top of your face at your hairline and repeat the same technique as usual. 

Step 9: Finally, do the same process but start at the top of your eyebrow and glide up towards the hairline. Repeat on the other eyebrow. 

If you'd like more of a visual guidance, watch Skin enthusiast ReneŐĀe's (@gothamista) video tutorial.¬†


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Beauty Wand with Rose Face & Body Cream, £59.99

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  • Includes a rose quartz Gua Sha and rose quartz Facial Roller¬†
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  • Super cooling on the skin and beneficial for de-puffing the eye area
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Energy Beauty Bar with Rose Face & Body Cream, £61.99

  • Soft vibration setting with 3 interchangeable heads¬†
  • The double-headed roller is effective for using along the jawline to help lift and tighten¬†
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