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The FOREO Bear Facial Toning Device: Everything You Need To Know

Less than 18 months post launch, FOREO’s Bear and Bear Mini have an Elle Future of Beauty 2021 Award under their belt and have been recommended by every major publication, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Grazia, Stylist, and Glamour.  And it’s not hard to see why...

The FOREO results are akin to those achieved from professional salon and aesthetics treatments, but in the comfort of your own home and in under three minutes a day. The FOREO Bear facial toning device combines stimulating microcurrents with FOREO’s classic T-Sonic pulsations to exercise 65 muscles in the face and neck. Consequently, skin will be tightened, toned, and contoured, facial muscle tension will be eased, and fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed. 

Who is FOREO?

“The powerhouse brand in skincare innovation”, FOREO has been a market leader since its launch into the at-home skincare device industry in 2013, with the LUNA facial cleansing device. Now with 20 million customers, FOREO has sold over 36 million products in over 75 countries and is beloved of celebrities including Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, and Rita Ora.

Fans of FOREO have been so blown away by the incredible transformations after using the devices, that they have taken to TikTok to share the results, including FOREO Bear before and after images and videos. To date, the brand has over 187 million hashtag views on the app.

What are the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini?

Both the FOREO Bear and the FOREO Bear Mini are extremely user-friendly at-home facial toning devices. They are a great choice for anyone who is new to microcurrent treatment, and both devices link up with the FOREO app, which clearly guides you through a selection of three-minute treatments. 

Both devices use a combination of microcurrents and T-Sonic vibrations, to help lift, tone, and contour the skin. The FOREO Bear is a slightly bigger device than the FOREO Bear Mini and is designed for full face treatment, whereas the FOREO Bear Mini is designed to be used on smaller, targeted areas. 

How do the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini work?

As the only waterproof microcurrent devices in the world, the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini utilise advanced microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations to exercise the 65 muscles in the face and neck. The FOREO Bear facial toning device and FOREO Bear Mini are designed to feel like a facial and tone like a workout.

What is microcurrent?

Microcurrent is very low levels of electrical current.  When in contact with the skin, it has a number of advantages, the biggest of which is that it stimulates deep muscles and essentially trains them to tone up. Microcurrent not only has immediate effects, but also longer-term anti-aging benefits. 

foreo bear mini

How do you use the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini?

FOREO have produced a great beginners guide video showing you exactly how to use the FOREO Bear facial toning device. You can watch it here.

To use your FOREO Bear or FOREO Bear Mini:

  1. Connect your FOREO Bear or FOREO Bear Mini to the FOREO app and select your desired treatment and intensity.
  2. Make sure both your face and your FOREO Bear facial toning device are clean with no remaining residue; any oil will deflect the microcurrent.
  3. Apply a conductive serum or gel evenly across all areas of your face and neck; ideally FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum. When using the FOREO Bear Mini, apply serum or gel only to the area to be targeted.
  4. Press the universal button to turn the FOREO Bear You can adjust the microcurrent intensity by quick-pressing the button once for each level and double-press to turn off T-Sonic.
  5. Lightly press both metallic spheres to your skin and slowly glide the divide upwards across your cheekbones and overhead, around your lips and over your jawline and neck as desired, with light pressure. When using the FOREO Bear Mini, focus only on targeted areas. 
  6. Once finished, press and hold the universal button for three seconds to turn off the device. Then ether pat any remaining serum into your skin or rinse. and pat dry your face and device.

How many times a week should you use the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini?

You’ll get the best FOREO Bear results if you use the device every day; think of it like a daily workout for your face, with time in between for the muscles to recover. Microcurrent results are most visible when you use the device consistently, over an extended period of time, and FOREO recommend that the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini are used every day for two months in order to see full results. After that, you can gradually cut back to three times a week

How does your skin benefit from use of the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini?

With regular use, the FOREO Bear facial toning device microcurrent creates a more toned, lifted, and contoured appearance by stimulating the muscles at a deep level, and research has also shown that microcurrent improves wrinkles. Microcurrent also enhances penetration of skincare products, boosts circulation, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and stimulates muscle energy.

You can view some fantastic FOREO Bear before and after images here, here, here, and here.

Are the FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini a good investment?

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! At-home facial devices are undoubtedly the future of skincare, and FOREO are leading the way. A FOREO Bear facial toning device will not only take your skincare routine to a whole new level and elongate the effects of professional treatments, but it may even eliminate the need for injectables and surgery. 

The FOREO Bear and FOREO Bear Mini’s combined use of microcurrents and T-Sonic pulsations tones 65 muscles in the face and neck, achieving results that would not be possible with skincare alone; to achieve such results would normally require the use of injectables such as Botox and fillers, or even cosmetic surgery. Comparatively speaking, microcurrent requires less investment of both time and money. 

Foreo Bear Fuschia

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Foreo Bear Mini Pearl Pink

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Written by Sarah Blake. 

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