Flavo C Flash: The Ultimate Instant Anti-Ageing Product

Flavo C Flash: The Ultimate Instant Anti-Ageing Product

Although the weather has been a bit hit and miss lately, it is still summer and the season of BBQs, weddings and garden parties is well underway. If a big summer event has suddenly sprung up on you, then you might be in need of a quick beauty fix to get you looking camera ready and feeling your best. Luckily, I've been testing out the ultimate instant anti-ager, Flavo C Flash.

Flavo C Flash is an anti- ageing lifting serum. It is formulated with a powerful protein complex that creates an invisible gel film, instantly firming and lifting the areas of the skin that need a little extra help. As well as being fast-acting, the protein based formula also makes it a long-lasting base, with the effects lasting up to six hours (definitely enough time, even for super party animals).The boxed product contains 2 x 3ml bottles.

You only use a few drops at a time, so a little goes a long way. After cleansing the face, apply a few drops in the area that needs attention; this could be around the eyes, the mouth or forehead. If you're going out, apply your liquid base first, including any primer, foundation, bb cream, concealer, etc. Only use a few drops and pat gently. Once the product has dried you can apply your bronzer, powder and blusher.

Even though the product is applied over make up, it doesn't smudge or interfere with the colour or staying power. It's completely invisible so nobody will be able to tell. The lifting formula really is instant and provides an impressive visible result. Although it won't provide an long-term results, this is a fantastic product to keep in your bathroom cabinet for big events where you want to feel extra special.We currently have a buy one get one free offer on the Flavo C Flash, so order while stocks last!

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Written for you by: Julie, Face the Future