Fillerina: Staff Review

Fillerina: Staff Review

After a couple of weeks on sale, Fillerina has been a popular new product both with our clients and our staff members. Following favourable reviews I decided to try it out for myself. Here’s what I thought:

What I wanted to correct:

I picked Grade 2 as I have some small visible expression lines on my forehead and in the marionette area. I also wanted to try the Fillerina on my under eye area – I have depressed bags (rather than puffy) and fairly deep indents that no matter how hard I try – if you’ve read my other posts you’ll see the efforts – will never fully disappear. Although Fillerina does not claim to improve this area, I hoped that its plumping effect would help.

During treatment:

I’ve been using Fillerina as instructed, drinking water beforehand, applying the gel to target areas and leaving it for 10 minutes before patting it in and applying the nourishing film. I’ve found that the syringe does not work very well with the thicker nourishing film so I’ve resorted to guessing the correct amount and applying it by hand. I also read up that the best way to apply your normal skincare is: your serums before Fillerina and your creams afterwards so I’ve stuck to this advice too. It’s also recommended to use it on an evening – which I’m doing.

The results so far (one week in):

  • The lines I wanted to correct on my forehead are greatly improved. I would say that they are still visible but only if I get really close to the mirror. I’ve also had to start making expressions when I apply the product to actually find them – result!
  • My eye bags are also looking better, and I think this is because they are plumped out towards the edges on the top of my cheekbones, so they are less obviously depressed. The deep line indents are still there – but I do have a week of treatment left to go so I’m hoping that they will improve further.
  • The one area that has not improved at all is a small expression line next to my mouth (on marionette line). I’m not sure why this would be…possibly because I talk too much?!
  • My lips seem very plump and hydrated straight after usage, but I’m not sure this effect last throughout the day.

Why try it:

After using Fillerina for the first week, I’m really happy with the results. It’s not cheap but it’s really effective for anyone who is not ready to go under the needle. I won’t go in to details on how it works here – you can read the product description for that – but I can confirm that it is working for me after only seven days of usage. It would also be a great product to use if you have a really special occasion coming up and want to look your absolute best. I’m getting married in a month or so and it has definitely been worth the investment.

I’ll update you on how I think the results last in a few months time and if you’d like to share your own experience please get in touch!

For more information you can shop here, or give one of our advisers a call on 0113 282 7744.

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