Everything You Need To Know About mesoestetic’s Age Element Range

Anti ageing skincare

mesoestetic have recently updated their innovative, pioneering skincare collection, replacing the former range with the brand new Age Element range. 

Spanish based, mesoestetic are one of our most in-demand brands, and with their technologically advanced formulas, it’s easy to see why. Created with advanced ingredients that offer proven results, the brand is recommended by both professionals and industry leaders around the world (and our FTF team and customers, too!) 

Why Choose mesoestetic's Age Element range? 

mesoestetic are known for their cutting-edge medical-cosmetic solutions that are the result of years of research and are supported by demonstrated results. Their new solutions are designed to give intensive and customised treatment for the main signs of skin ageing. With visible, long-lasting results, the products have proven efficacy in efficacy studies in vitro and in vivo. 

The new textures and packages are specially designed to bring you a unique experience and results from the comfort of your own home. 

What’s Changed In The mesoestetic Range?

mesoestetic has recently undergone a few changes which has seen them replace their former bestselling range under the new Age Element range. In today’s post, we’ll be telling you which product names you need to look out for in order to still get hold of your favourite formulas.

What Makes The Ingredients Special?

The products feature effective and innovative ingredients that work to tackle common skin complaints, like the first signs of chronological ageing and photoaging, loss of volume and elasticity, lack of definition, signs of fatigue caused by stress, lack of sleep, or pollution, rough and dry skin, dullness, under-eye circles, and spots. 

The ingredients across the range include: 

[meso]epigen system™ 
The smart reactivator of youth mechanisms. It works to promote cell regeneration mechanisms that enhances the production of essential proteins and longevity of your cells, activating the “switch” that provides your skin with functions and elements that are lost with age, and recover youth.

Provides multi-protective action against external agents which trigger tissue oxidation.

A complex with a biomimetic dipeptide that works to reconstruct and enhance your dermal architecture.

Smart-Skin Complex
A complex that combines Bakuchiol and biopeptides that activate and protect your dermal structure.

Unique Active Ingredients
A combination of more than 40 innovative, synergistic active ingredients.

What products have been replaced?

mesoesteticAge Element range updates


Energy C Range – Brightening Range
energy c intensive cream – brightening cream
energy c eye contour – brightening eye contour
energy c complex – brightening complex plus
Pus a new addition, brightening concentrate

Ultimate W+ Range – Brightening Range
ultimate w+ whitening cream – brightening cream
ultimate w+ whitening essence – brightening concentrate
ultimate w+ whitening spot eraser – brightening eye contour (for eye pigment)

Collagen 360 Range – Firming Range
collagen 360° intensive cream – firming cream
collagen 360° eye contour – firming eye contour
collagen 360° essence – firming concentrate
collagen 360° elixir – firming elixir

Stem Cell Range – Anti-Wrinkle Range
stem cell active growth factor – anti-wrinkle cream
stem cell nanofiller lip contour – anti-wrinkle lip contour
stem cell serum restructuractive - anti-wrinkle concentrate
Plus two new additions, anti-wrinkle night cream, and anti-wrinkle eye contour

Radiance DNA – Anti-Wrinkle Range
radiance DNA intensive cream – anti-wrinkle cream
radiance DNA night cream - anti-wrinkle night cream
radiance DNA eye contour - anti-wrinkle eye contour
radiance DNA essence - anti-wrinkle concentrate
radiance DNA elixir – no change

mesoestetic Bestsellers

mesoestetic skincare has always been a well-loved brand amongst our customers and FTF team alike. Here are just five products from the brand that constantly make it to your basket - from brightening cream to skin drinks, mesoestetic have your skincare needs well covered. 

mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour

When it comes to anti-ageing skincare, our FTF customers love this Firming Eye Contour. Replacing Collagen 360 Eye Contour, lift and firm your upper eyelid with this concentrated cream formulated with biopolymers and extract of silk tree. With a tightening effect, the cream helps to reduce expression lines and minimise the appearance of under-eye circles.

mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour

mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Cream

Replacing Energy C Intensive Cream, treat the first signs of ageing with this brightening cream. Formulated with a collection of antioxidant active ingredients, derived bioferment, and plant origin glycosides, the cream works to hydrate your skin and enhance radiance.

mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Cream


mesoestetic Age Element Anti-wrinkle Cream

Replacing Radiance DNA Intensive Cream, this daily re-texturising cream has a Botox-like effect to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. With hexapeptide-1, hyaluronic acid, and soft-focus pigments, your skin will be hydrated and any imperfections will be smoothed.

mesoestetic Age Element Anti-wrinkle Cream


mesoestetic Age Element Firming Elixir

Replacing Collagen 360 Elixir, this drinkable supplement contains 10g of hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. Promoting the production of endogenous collagen and protecting it from breaking down, the formula helps you to achieve more youthful-looking skin from the inside.

mesoestetic Age Element Firming Elixir


mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Concentrate

Replacing Ultimate W+ Whitening Essence, this brightening concentrate works to even your skin tone and reduce the signs of premature ageing. Rich in antioxidants and active brightening ingredients to reduce dark spots and imperfections, achieve a radiant, more youthful-looking complexion.


mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Concentrate


radiance DNA Elixir

This drinkable nutricosmetic helps to delay the signs of ageing and helps you to achieve a more even skin texture.

Working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, create smoother, tighter skin, and slow down the ageing process, the highly antioxidant formula reactivates the cell metabolism of your dermis to help reverse is ageing. 

The formula contains four key active ingredients that marry together to deliver noticeable results.

Biotin - to enhance your cell metabolism process.
Hyaluronic acid - to help your skin retain water and give firmness and elasticity.
Grape extract - to provide your skin with a high antioxidant action to fight oxidative stress and free radical damage.
Silicon - to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and enhance tissue reaffirmation.

radiance DNA Elixir

Ready to discover the rest of the collection? Click here to shop the mesoestetic Age Element range.

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