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DIBI Milano Skincare

DIBI Milano, the Italian skincare brand, is part of the ALFAPARF Group - Italy’s largest and most successful skincare company. Founded by Roberto Franchina, the company offers professional skincare solutions to address all skin types and is known for its high-performing formulas that are filled with potent ingredients. 

With formulas infused with powerhouse actives and antioxidants, and cutting-edge technology, like products that work on the epigenome, the DIBI Milano skincare lines work to counter the signs of ageing that are the result of modern-day stressors. Discover the range below and find your new DIBI Milano skincare favourite.

DIBI Milano #Age Method range

The Age Method range works on your epigenome - the switch that ‚Äėactivates‚Äô your gene and determines how it behaves.

This anti ageing skincare works to repair the damage caused by skin and hormonal ageing, the range helps to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth your complexion, all whilst supporting your skin barrier function and helping it to become stronger. 

The formulas are designed to diminish the visible signs of everyday stress on your skin - including modern-day factors like jet lag. 

Rich in GSH-Epigenol Complex - a complex of active ingredients that work to protect your skin’s biological and cellular capital, whilst supporting the synthesis of collagen and preserving elastin fibres for plumper, more youthful-looking skin. 

DIBI Milano Age Method Youth Capsules

These individual golden capsules work to immediately leave your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated whilst providing long-lasting results on reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Rich in Epigenil, an active ingredient, the formula supports and revitalises skin that has been weakened by external aggressors.

The capsules, that are also rich in oligosaccharides, provides essential hydration to your skin and works to smooth expression lines and even deep wrinkles. With continued use, your skin will appear more toned and more youthful. 



DIBI Milano Age Method Youth Capsules


DIBI Milano Defence Solution range

This targeted line is specially designed for sensitive and reactive skin and works to combat hypersensitivity, redness, dryness, and itching. With high tolerance formulas, the products work to protect your skin whilst delivering hydration and nourishment and promoting balanced skin function.

DIBI Milano Defence Solution Anti-Redness Cream 

This soothing cream targets redness and works to nourish, protect, and restore your skin. Neutralising both temporary and persistent areas of redness. the cream relieves your skin whilst calming irritation. 

Helping to improve skin discolourations, the cream also delivers protective properties with the addition of SPF.


 Defence Solution Anti-Redness Cream

DIBI Milano Acid Infusion range

This multifaceted facial treatment is DIBI Milano's first bio-activating line for renewed and rejuvenated skin. 

Supporting the renewal of the epidermis and stimulating and re-activating cutaneous tissue, the formulas work to address the signs of aging and sun damage.

Pure acids and Dermoactives make a powerful duo of ingredients to work effectively and provide maximum results for all skin types and ages. 

DIBI Milano Acid Infusion No Age Bioact Treat 

Minimise skin imperfections and address the signs of chrono and photo-ageing with this two-step set. 

The set contains an Anti-Oxidant Solution infused with pure ellagic acid and pure phytic acid, and a Multi-Corrective Solution containing vitamin C and retinol A. 

Working to fight oxidative stress, treat dark spots, and combat the signs of ageing, the duo treatment helps your skin to appear more even, plumped, and youthful. 

DIBI Milano Acid Infusion No Age Bioact Treatment


DIBI Milano Lift Creator range

This new generation lifting action works to reduce wrinkles, firm tissue, and add plumpness to your skin to give a lifted renewed complexion with added tone.

Helping to give a lifted appearance to your eye area along with adding the appearance of volume to your complexion, the range works to offer cosmetic peeling, reforming, and lifting to fight against skin ageing. 

DIBI Milano Lift Creator Collagen & Elastin Concentrate

Hydrate and lift your skin whilst promoting the formation of collagen and elastin with this smoothing concentrate. 

The formula helps to leave your skin barrier strengthened whilst working to bind water molecules to keep your moisture in your skin. 


    Lift Creator Collagen & Elastin Concentrate



    DIBI Milano White Science range

    The White Science range aims to perfect and illuminate your skin by reducing dark spots and regulating the production of melanin. In addition to their brightening properties, the formulas feature an anti-pollution action which works to protect your skin from external aggressors, and encourage healthier, more youthful-looking skin. 

    DIBI Milano White Science Correcting Serum

    Illuminate your complexion with the skin correcting serum. Working to even your skin tone, the formula regulates the production of melanin to prevent the formation of further dark spots. 

    Also featuring a water binding formula, your skin will be left feeling moisturised and comfortable. 

    With an additional anti-pollution action, your skin will be protected from external aggressors, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.  White Science Correcting Serum

    DIBI Milano Face Perfection

    Restore your skin with this cleansing and preparation line. Designed for all skin types, the range delivers nourishment and comfort to your skin whilst encouraging your skin to strengthen its defences against external aggressors with potent probiotics. 

    Harnessing the power of porcelain flower, your skin will be protected, stronger, and healthier.

    DIBI Milano Face Perfection Extreme Youth Cleanse 

    With a soft texture, this cream cleanser works to remove impurities and traces of makeup to give you a clean, protected, and nourished complexion. 

    With the addition of antioxidant ingredients, the cream helps to comfort and refresh your skin, leaving it perfectly prepared to receive the ingredients of your skincare products to follow. 


    Face Perfection Extreme Youth Cleanse


    DIBI Milano Pure Equalizer range

    Treat combination and oily skin with this first professional cosmetic line by DIBI Milano.

    Perfect for acne-prone skin, the line gives targeted treatment options that help to restore the internal balance of your microbial flora and lipid film, whilst reducing imperfections.

    All products in the line are non-comedogenic, so as not to obstruct the sebaceous follicles and cause further imperfections.

    DIBI Milano Pure Equalizer Moisturising Mattifying Fluid

    Formulated with aloe vera and DIBI Milano's Oil Remedy Complex to improve your skin's texture and reduce shine throughout your day, this mattifying fluid is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin.

    The moisturiser works to hydrate your skin whilst working to clear your pores of excess sebum - leading to a clearer complexion. Additionally, the formula is charged with a poly-functional complex molecule which delivers a soothing action whilst integrating the natural defence mechanisms of skin cells.


    Pure Equalizer Moisturising Mattifying Fluid


    DIBI Milano Hydra Perfection range 

    Hydrating and nourishing, the Hydra Perfection line is suitable for all skin types in all climates. Working to boost and maintain your skin's hydration, the formulas strengthen your hydrolipidic layer by delivering the right amount of lipids to your stratum corneum. 

    Designed to fight the issues associated with dehydrated skin, the active ingredients in the formulas guarantee hydrated skin that looks radiant and feels revitalised.

    DIBI Milano Hydra Perfection Active Eye Cream 

    DIBI Milano's Hydra Complex comes together with vitamin E and Peptide Complex to deeply hydrate your eye area and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Also working to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, the formula is infused with glyco-arginine that helps to reduce undereye bags and wrinkles. 

    Hydra Perfection Active Eye Cream


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