The Differences in Male Skin and Skincare

The Differences in Male Skin and Skincare

It's true, there are many differences between men and women but that's probably not something we can discuss in one short blog! What we can do is talk about the difference in a male skin compared to that of a female. Why is this important? Well, now more than ever, we have an increasing rise in male patients. Men like to look good, feel good and enjoy great skincare “ just as much as women. However, often overlooked in the cosmetic world, male skincare is taking its place within aesthetics. In my experience, men like simple and effective results; something aesthetics is very good at delivering.

Let's take a closer look at male skin

Men are less likely to suffer from dry skin tones as the majority of male skins are overly oily and have more active sebaceous glands that produce sebum, skin's natural oil. This makes men particularly prone to acne and breakouts. They also generally have larger facial pores that can affect the texture of the skin.Male skin is typically 20% thicker than female skin and also contains more collagen, resulting in a tighter, firmer and often more youthful appearance. Further to this, male collagen reduces at a consistent rate, unlike female collagen that depletes at an accelerated pace “ especially post menopause. This could explain why men appear to age 'slower' or in some cases get better with age. It also explains why men seek out aesthetic treatments for ageing concerns at a later stage in life. By the age of 30, most females have tried and tested every ageing product on the market and have been devoting time and effort to age-prevention for a number of years. In contrast to this, the average age of my male patients is generally 35+.But it's not all good news for men, although they age slower once the ageing process kicks in, it's hard and fast. Wrinkles seem to appear quickly and are often deep set, men also suffer with loss of elasticity and sagging skin is a common concern for the ageing man.

Why you shouldn't go DIY

All skins are different and it's important to find a tailor made plan to suit you and your skin. Whilst female skin often benefits from skin strengthening products, hydrating masks and gentle exfoliators, a male skin may find some of these products cause breakouts or are simply not potent enough for their thicker epidermis. Skincare advice should always be given by a trained professional after a thorough consultation. Attempting a DIY job on your face may cost you more than your money and end up causing harm on your skin and lead to more problems.

Emily's best skincare picks for men

DMK deep pore pure cleanser

Cleansing is an important step that shouldn't be forgotten, particularly on a male skin that's affected by heavy oil production. This deep cleansing wash from DMK works it's way into pores to remove dirt, debris and excess oil. It should be used morning and night for best results. 

Elemis Men Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel

Shaving takes a huge toll on the skin and with the average male having 16,000 shaves in a lifetime, that's a lot for one epidermis to take. This unique formula from Elemis allows for a smooth and irritation free shave and is suitable for even the most delicate skins. 

Endocare CELLPRO Gel

A one-stop multifunctioning moisturiser that my male patients love, and it's so easy to use. After cleansing, simply apply Endocare CELLPRO Gel all over morning and night. It may be simple and easy to use, but it is still very effective thanks to its fibroblast stimulating properties, antioxidants and growth factors. This power packed anti-ageing wonder comes in both a cream and gel formulation, I find most of my male skins prefer the lighter texture of the gel. Both products are equally as wonderful and it is down to personal preference. 

Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Men

I throw this one in the mix because around half of all my male patients ask me about thinning hair and male pattern baldness. Whilst this shampoo won't work miracles, it will help strengthen hair fibres and increase thickness in thinning patches. Male pattern baldness is a genetic issue that requires further intervention. 

To find out more about our in-clinic treatments, you can book a Free Skin Consultation here. For any questions about male skincare, contact our skin advice team on or call 0113 282 7744.

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