Cultured Biomecare: Microbiome Science For Healthy Skin

Cultured Biomecare: Microbiome Science For Healthy Skin

Cultured Biomecare have been working for countless years researching and creating next-generation formulas before Cultured skincare products even hit the market. With science-led microbiome care, the founder Rob Calcraft has used his passion for skincare to harness the power of FutureFermentsā„¢.

Face the Future is happy to have Cultured Biomecare joining our mission to provide you with skincare that is right first time. With a collection of products for all skin-types, your healthy skin routine will be bursting with scientific skincare so you can have healthier, stronger skin.

What makes Cultured Biomecare different?

Presenting you with skincare of the future, Cultured have created a streamlined regime so you can keep your skincare routine to succinct steps that are kind to your skin, kind to your microbiome, and kind to the planet. There is now no need for unnecessary skincare steps, with Cultured keeping it simple and giving you skincare that is powerful and effective.

What areĀ FutureFermentsā„¢?

At Cultured, they believe that the science of skincare shouldĀ be as straightforward as possible, so you can understand how progressive skincare works - whether you are a new starter or a skincare expert. FutureFermentsā„¢ are a part of skincare of the future - the next generation of bio-fermented actives.Ā With their unique active complex, FutureFermentsā„¢,Ā each Cultured formulation is powered with the fermentation process to create more potent ingredients to give you the most effective results.

Cultured Biomecare: Microbiome Science For Healthy Skincare

To hydrate and refresh

Protecting your skin barrier is one of the most important parts of your skin health. With it being the first line of defence against the daily aggressors your skin faces including UV and pollution, protecting it will maintain an efficient barrier function and an uncompromised microbiome.

The Cultured Biomecare Fortitude Face Mist is formulated with powerful antioxidants and ferments to protect your skinā€™s natural barrier, leaving you with healthier, and more radiant-looking skin. With Prebiotic Inulin, your skinā€™s hydration will be maintained whilst supporting a healthy microbiome ā€“ great for the summer seasons when you are globetrotting.

It's also perfect for use in your everyday skincare routine, on the go, or popping in your bag for topping up throughout the day, this mist is the ideal refresher to keep your skin feeling cool and balanced.

To nourish and cleanse

Cultured have created a revolutionary cleanser to add to the scientific skincare hall of fame. The Cultured Biomecare Biome One Cleansing Balm is a multitasking dream, with a powerhouse formulation of fermented oils, dirt-banishing actives, and nutrient-rich skin superfoods.

Whilst melting away any dirt, pollution, or makeup that may have landed on your skin barrier, this super nourishing cleansing balm delivers biome and barrier-supporting FutureFermentsā„¢. Your skin will be left feeling soothed, and hydration will be maintained, with this scientific formula, your skin will also be guarded against transepidermal water loss (which is also commonly referred to as TEWL).

To soothe and calm

Do you suffer with redness and irritation? Youā€™re about to be blown away with the Cultured Biomecare Biome-Calm Cream! This comforting anti-redness cream is powered by potent active ferments which work to restore your natural skin barrier function and support your microbiome. With a replenishing formula, you will see any signs of redness on your skin visibly reduced and irritation calmed and soothed.

Cultured have worked to create the perfect pH level of this calming cream, so even the most sensitive of skin is restored to the ideal balance and your skin is left feeling comfortable, restored and looking lovely and glowy.

Cultured Biomecare: Microbiome Science For Healthy Skin

To clarify and brighten

This is definitely one to add to your self-care regime! The Cultured Biomecare Biome One Mask will leave your skin looking instantly brighter like you have never seen before. Working to gently exfoliate any unwanted skin, the surface will be left looking radiant without compromising your skin barrier or microbiome.

Formulated with a combination of regenerating active ingredients that are charged with the pioneering fermentation process, including hyaluronic acid and Inulin, your skin will be left feeling super hydrated and looking its upmost best.

Working within just 10-15 minutes, regular use of this product in your weekly self-care regime, or even if you want a bit of a boost before going out at the weekend, you will be turning everyoneā€™s heads with your brighter and ultra-hydrated complexion.

To rejuvenate and transform

Are you ready for healthier skin and a more youthful look? Of course you are. Your healthy skincare routine just hit a new level with the Cultured Biomecare Biome One Rejuvenating Serum. With a weightless, silky texture, you wonā€™t even be able to feel this rejuvenating serum on your skin, deceptively ligthweight, this powerful serum works to deeply hydrate and provide you with a potent cellular defence.

Formulated with a lightweight but efficient complex of potent ingredients, this serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine to provide you with protection against environmental stressors whilst also supporting your skinā€™s microbiome and natural radiance.

Applied on the face and neck, both in your morning skincare routine and evening skincare routine, the fermented hyaluronic acid, which is 4x more potent than the power of a regular hyaluronic acid, will plump and rejuvenate the skin leaving you with maximised hydration.

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