Chosen By The Experts: Top Picks from Olivia Falcon

Chosen By The Experts: Top Picks from Olivia Falcon

Olivia Falcon is the former beauty director of Tatler and architect of Tatler's Cosmetic Surgery Guide and Bride's Cosmetic Beauty Guide. Now, as founder of The Editor's List, Olivia offers a top-to-toe service, making product, treatment and practitioner recommendations, helping to take the guesswork out of finding the safest hands and most skilled practitioners.

Olivia has chosen her favourite exfoliating cleanser, Vitamin C serum, Growth Factor Serum and more! We love her choices and think you will too, read on to find out more

Dr LEVY Switzerland 3Deep Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser

The best cleanser I've tried to date. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to gently 'unglue' the bonds of surface dead skin cells and brown rice particles, which help to mechanically get rid of dirt and makeup. They are incredibly soft and dissolve so don't aggravate sensitivities like broken capillaries. I never double cleanse as I feel this really does the job in one go, also it negates the need for a separate exfoliator.

DCL C Scape High Potency Serum 25

I swear by a good dose of Vitamin C in one's beauty routine for brightening skin and helping to protect against free radical damage. This contains 30% L-Ascorbic Acid, which is one of the most stable forms of vitamin C. Most vitamin C's are prescribed for morning use but this one is used at night time as the thinking here is it works it's magic while the skin is in repair mode while you sleep. Don't be put off by the slightly gritty texture, it really does work.

AQ Skin Solutions GF Active Serum

I have seen a noticeable improvement (better texture, less redness, reduced fine lines and under eye shadows) in my skin since using this serum. It contains patented growth factors, which work to help restore youthful skin function, the signalling molecules work like keys to reset skin cells to act younger. This serum is also incredible at speeding up recovery on scars and burns. I predict Growth Factors will be big in beauty in 2019!

Medik8 r-Retinoate Youth Activating Cream

If I could drink this stuff I would“ it's a total game changer! It rejuvenates skin on so many levels, from smoothing out fine lines to softening pigmentation. The USP of this cream is, unlike other retinol creams, you can get straight onto it and use every day, rather than gingerly using once or twice a week like other retinol products that require a softly, softly, build-up approach.r-Retinoate contains a genius hybrid molecule called retinyl-retinoate which is very stable and can be used during the day, not just at night “ although you must layer some SPF over it. It is also encapsulated with polylactic acid, which is very hydrating on the skin so there is virtually zero chance of peeling.

Clinisept Plus Aftercare

This is a staple in my bathroom cabinet “ it's what a lot of the top clinics use to sterilize skin before a procedure and is pH neutral so doesn't sting skin like alcohol wipes do.The star ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a highly effective weak acid that is naturally present in the human immune system, which 'nukes' any kind of bacteria. I use it for everything from drastically reducing the life cycle of spots “ (it seriously speeds up healing time) to disinfecting my children's scrapes and grazes.For all these products and more, shop online now! To book a face-to-face consultation with our professional clinicians, call 0113 282 3300. If you are looking for skincare advice, take our online skin test now and receive personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox!Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future & Olivia Falcon, The Editor's ListImage source: Helene Sandberg