Brand focus: Jan Marini

Brand focus: Jan Marini

Christmas is approaching and at this time of year it's more important than ever to get our skin winter ready. I often have to remind my clients that the skin is the body's largest organ and must be taken care of.

The biggest problem I see on winter skins is dehydration, dry hands and cracked lips. These often are a result of central heating. At Face the Future we offer a wide range of treatments and facials, which will suit patients of all skin types and concerns including Age Management, Rosacea, Redness, Pigmentation and Acne.

Our in-clinic facial expert, Julie, recommends the Jan Marini Enzyme Facial.

“This treatment is my favourite seasonal facial that comes out every year at Christmas. It's non-aggressive and non-invasive, offering a relaxing experience whilst treating the skin. Just some of the ingredients included in this facial include vitamin C, B, E, Hyaluronic Acid, plant extracts, orange, lemon, green papaya and Shea Butter.The facial works by breaking down dead skin cells on the surface of the skin whilst stimulating new collagen production deeper down. After the facial your skin will feel beautifully refreshed, smooth and hydrated. Most patients experience little to no downtime after treatment and can continue their daily tasks.If patients have specific concerns requiring more attention, we have a 40% resurfacing peel, which includes a Luminate Mask. This facial may leave you a little flaky for a day or two, so make sure you have treatment a few days before that special event!But don't just take our word for it we got in touch with Jan Marini skin specialist and trainer, Sarah Cox, to get a little insight into the people behind the brand.

1. How long have you worked for Jan Marini?

I have been with Jan Marini for nearly 4 years.

2. How has the company grown since you first started with them?

In the time that I have been with Jan Marini, every year the brand has grown and has a great reputation for consistency. I think a lot of the demand comes from word of mouth and happy consumers who have experienced visible results.

3. What is it you enjoy about working for Jan Marini?

I have been within the Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Industry for around 16 years now, I have become passionate about looking after my skin, knowing the difference this can make both now and the health of my skin in the future.I love how you can see visible differences using Jan Marini products, from simply using 1 product depending on the skin concern. Each time you add something in, you see more of a change. I regularly get comments about my skin and I know that it's a result of using my Jan Marini products. I also love being able to recommend products to people with a concern, knowing that they are going to see results.

4. What is unique about Jan Marini as opposed to other products on the market?

The quality of the product and that a little goes a long way. The research and development behind the products and the quality of ingredients means customers get fantastic products every time that can genuinely help their skin.

5. We know Jan Marini is a worldwide company, where is it most popular?

US, Australia, Scandanavia and UK.

6. What is your favourite Jan Marini product?

This is really tough!!! I think it would have to be the Bioglycolic cleanser, due to the fact it will suit most skin types, you can see results very quickly and it lasts a long time due to needing only a very small amount. If for any reason I have not been able to use it for a few days I can see the difference. It is a fantastic start to any skincare routine.

Don't forget to look out for the Luxury Jan Marini Holiday Facial, £69 per facial or buy 3 get 1 free. This treatment is great for normal/dry skins in need of some TLC.

To find out more, contact the clinic today on 0113 282 7744 and speak to one of our specialists.