Bioderma: Sensitive Skincare Built On Ecobiology

best skincare for sensitive skin

BIODERMA places biology at the service of dermatology to take care of even the most sensitive of skin. Working to advance science, BIODERMA offer the most gentle, respectful solutions to your skincare needs. Upholding a principle to preserve and strengthen skin health, the French pharmaceutical company is based on ecobiology.

With dedicated ranges to cater especially to your individual skin needs, the collection includes specialist, science-led formulas, from suncare to skincare, to help you to achieve and maintain healthy, soothed, radiant skin.

BIODERMA’s Four Key Commitments

1. Ecobiology to protect the skin’s world

“Rather than over-treating the skin, it must learn how to function properly.”

Motivated by this philosophical commitment, Jean-Noël Thorel, a French pharmacist, and biologist, created Naos: a compatible collective of brands with a matching vision inspired by our skin.

As it’s built on ecobiology, BIODERMA sits at the heart of the NAOS approach - viewing our skin as an ecosystem, full of an abundance of cells that live together and interact to keep a careful balance.

As our skin is affected by external aggressors, like UV radiation and pollution, BIODERMA’s innovative products work to preserve our skin’s ecosystem to protect our skin, contributing to its health. By using pure ingredients that are mindfully dosed and naturally absorbed, BIODERMA offer gentle but highly effective solutions to deliver the best skincare for sensitive skin.

2. Driven by skin biology

BIODERMA are passionate about serving skin biology and have been for over 40 years. With their innovations and participation in dermatological breakthroughs to improve our skin’s health, they have become renowned experts in dermatological care. With the belief that healthy skin should be accessible to all, BIODERMA develop products for all ages, all skin types, and for every individual.

BIODERMA believe that perfectly cleansed skin is a prerequisite for healthy skin. Cleansing is the first step in any routine of removing impurities and preparing the skin to absorb the products applied afterwards. Because of this, BIODERMA invented the first micellar water to appear on the skincare market. The no-rinse gentle cleansing formula helps to deeply cleanse the most sensitive of skin.

3. Serve dermatology

BIODERMA have a requirement that all of their products respect, and often go beyond, the strictest recommendations that are issued by health authorities and dermatology learning societies alike. Each product is subjected to systematic safety and efficacy tests, along with tolerance tests under the supervision of independent dermatologists, toxicologists, and allergists from around the world. This ensures that the BIODERMA products you use are respectful and gentle to your skin whilst being highly effective.

4. Empower skin health

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and as it’s living, it can be weakened, unbalanced, dried out, and attacked - so it needs to be protected. And as the resources that we need to protect our skin are already found deep within our skin itself, NAOS developed a vision: that “there is no better skin treatment than its own ingredients.” This pioneering, scientific approach is called ecobiology – it reproduces the skin’s natural processes to help it strengthen itself and adapt to its environment, working to keep the skin naturally strong in a sustainable way.

BIODERMA are committed to developing the products that respect our skin’s ecosystem, and that can be easily absorbed into our skin. To do this, they utilise pure, polyfunctional ingredients that are already found within our skin, or ingredients of a close likeness, that are used in just the right doses to give the optimal results. 

Our skin has developed sensitive and sustainable biological mechanisms that allow it to permanently renew itself, communicate, and adapt to change. So, with pioneering skincare, BIODERMA are working to support these natural mechanisms, empowering our skin to adapt and draw on its own resources, allowing it to regain its own balance once again.  

What Factors Affect Our Skin’s Ecosystem?

There are many external factors that affect our skin’s ecosystem, causing our skin to cause signs of stress. From climate, pollution, and sunlight, to our clothes, our hygiene practices, and even the air conditioning in our homes and workplaces. But there are also many internal factors that affect our skin too, including our hormones, the food we eat, the medication we take, and whether we smoke or have had consistently good sleep.

BIODERMA believe it’s important to adopt a comprehensive approach to identify and act on the root causes and consequences to provide lasting efficacy and long-term skin health. 

BIODERMA Sensibio Range For Sensitive Skin

If you struggle with sensitive skin, you’ll know the familiar symptoms all too well. From skin discomfort and tightness to redness and overheating, it can be hard to soothe and balance sensitive skin.

BIODERMA’s Sensibio range is dedicated just for sensitive skin to help care for, rebalance, and soothe even the most uncomfortable skin. From cleansing and skincare products to anti-redness solutions, the collection offers professional, calming relief to help your skin regain control.

Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

A firm favourite of customers, beauty editors and makeup artists alike, this innovative dermatological micellar water is specially formulated for sensitive and allergic skin types.

With micelles, a biomimetic active ingredient that’s like our skin’s composition, the formula gently removes impurities like makeup, fine particles, and pollen, whilst respecting the balance of our skin. The non-rinse cleanser is non-comedogenic and has been tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.


Sensibio H2O Micellar Water


BIODERMA Atoderm Range For Dry Skin

Dry skin feels tight and can often be irritated by dry patches and itching. With a lack of suppleness due to the lack of moisture, dry skin can feel extremely uncomfortable.  

With Atoderm, you can embrace a full range of cleansing and skincare for dry skin on your face and body. Specially designed for dry, very dry or atopic skin, the range can be used daily, as well as alongside your existing skincare for eczema and itching.

Atoderm Body Wash

This gentle cleansing shower gel works to soften and protect your skin’s barrier. With its soothing properties, sensations of tightness and discomfort are relieved, leaving your skin feeling comfortable.

With a natural bluish colour, this soap-free formula makes the perfect addition to your bath or shower routine.

BIODERMA Atoderm Body Wash

BIODERMA Sébium Range For Oily Skin

During adolescence, our skin goes through many changes. From becoming thicker and shinier, to becoming prone to blemishes - some of which remain into adulthood.

BIODERMA’s Sébium range is specially formulated to treat oily and acne-prone skin. From cleansers and moisturisers to anti-blemish creams, you’ll find the collection full of effective, kind-to-skin formulas to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Sébium Sensitive Soothing Moisturising Anti-Blemish Cream

Care for your sensitive acne prone skin with this soothing, rehydrating and spot-eliminating cream.

Addressing the root causes of acne-prone skin's sensitivity and blemishes, this non-comedogenic formula helps to eliminate spots and redness.

The cream can used with your regular skincare, or as a makeup base.


BIODERMA Sébium Sensitive Soothing Moisturising Anti-Blemish Cream



BIODERMA Pigmentbio Range For Pigmentation

From melasma and hyperpigmentation to lentigines and age spots, getting rid of pigmentation can be tricky when you have sensitive skin. However, BIODERMA have created a solution: Pigmentbio. A specialist range especially tailored to gently treat hyperpigmented skin – even when it’s sensitive.

Featuring a complete collection of products to help brighten your skin, choose from cleansers, vitamin C serum, and brightening moisturisers for day and night.  

Pigmentbio Brightening Vitamin C Face Serum Anti-Dark Spot  

This high security Vitamin C cure is supplemented by a cocktail of vitamins that work to protect and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. With a high AHA/BHA concentration, the formula provides a peeling-like efficacy whilst remaining gentle. This light gel-texture cream is non comedogenic.


Pigmentbio Brightening Vitamin C Face Serum Anti-Dark Spot


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