Behind the Brand: Oskia

Behind The Brand: Oskia

Launched in 2009, Oskia is still a relatively new brand to the skincare market yet they are already pioneers in the nutritional skincare market. In just eight short years they've racked up over 60 international product and brand awards, including Best British Brand & Best Natural Brand.

So, how a natural brand from Wales grown so rapidly, so quickly? Here's the back story.

The brand was founded by Georgie Cleeve after she discovered the surprising skin benefits of MSM. Her father, a forerunner in the nutritional world, used MSM to repair cartilage damage in race horses. After a skiing accident that seriously damaged her knees, Georgie began taking MSM supplements herself and achieved results that even shocked health professionals. As a side effect, she noticed that her acne-prone, eczema-prone skin dramatically improved and her hair and nails were stronger.

Working as a food journalist, Georgie was one of the early adopters of the link between nutrition and skin health, something that we at Face the Future are passionate about. She made it her mission study dermatology and top up her nutritional knowledge to enable her to start her own skincare line. After 3 years of extensive research and development, Oskia was born.

The name Oskia is derived from the ancient Greek for 'delivering nutrients' and 'beauty', the key principles behind the brand.

If you're all about supporting homegrown talent, Oskia is for you. The brand have their very own lab and factory based in Monmouth, Wales, where their team of internationally - recognised nutritionists, doctors, dermatologists and skincare experts test, create and make every single product. There's no flashy marketing or gimmicks with Oskia. Each product has plenty of research behind it, not to mention a formula of bio-active nutrients that work with your skin for long-term results.

OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Their patented delivery systems ensure these hard-working ingredients are not only transported to the deepest layers of the skin, but to the cells where they are most needed.If you're looking to try something from Oskia, you need to start with the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. When it comes to cleansers, we always recommend opting for non-foaming options to prevent the skin feeling over stripped, but many people prefer them as they find oils and balms to tricky to use. The Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a truly unique product that will revolutionise your cleansing regime.

The gel transforms to an ultra-light oil on the skin, banishing any impurities and dirt with it. Rich in vitamins, skin is left feeling silky smooth and looking radiant. It's also packed with enzymes, so leave the cleanser on the skin for a few minutes for additional exfoliating benefits that won't dry out the skin. To remove, simply add a little wash and watch the product transform to an easily removable milk. I guarantee, after this you'll be hooked!

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Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future