Behind the Brand: House of Life London

Behind the Brand: House of Life London

As we see a rise in demand for natural and organic skincare, we are delighted to introduce House of Life London. House of Life London delivers the best high performing organic skincare products based on proven science. Replacing toxins and synthetic chemicals with natural organic nutrients aiming to feed, correct and protect the skin naturally, safely and effectively from the outside in.

We spoke with House of Life London founder, Debbrah Craven, all about her natural & organic skincare brand.

Q: How did your passion for organic skincare start?

I started learning and developing my passion for organic skincare after an extreme skin reaction I experienced caused by a trusted sun-care brand which resulted in weeks of pain just after the birth of my third child. My then 4-month-old baby also had a reaction to an organic baby bath product brand, which left his skin inflamed and peeled after having bathed him in it.

After an extensive period of research, I realised how many toxins there are in skincare and personal care products, how misleading brands are, and how complex the skincare landscape is. Often there are confusing messages and too many products to choose from that are either doing more damage than good, the same job, or not doing the job at all.

The most exciting part of my research was discovering that the skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it. Plus, as skin is the largest organ, it represents the most effective platform to absorb toxins but also to deliver nutrients.

For this reason, I set out to develop my own organic skincare range based on the core values of Purity, Master Blends, and Health Transforming to deliver the purest and the most effective plant-based cosmeceutical grade organic skincare solutions with enhanced skin nutrients and proven results, helping to transform beauty and health through the skin from the outside in.

Q: Why do you think there has been such an increase in demand for organic and natural skincare?

According to the Soil Association 2017 and the beauty market trend report insight, the organic skincare segment is growing at 20% annually in the UK and 8.6% globally. I believe the key reasons for increase in demand for organic and natural skincare is because people are better educated and more informed today due to the transformation of the telecom industry and social media platforms. Information is now at our fingertips and is shared within seconds to millions of people through social media.

There is also genuine concerns about the increased amount of pollution and toxins we are exposed to and the lack of nutrients in our food supply chain, because farmers are harvesting their crops before these are ripe. For this reason, they are not exposed to sufficient sunlight and so lack of vitamin D for example.

There is clearer correlation between the potential harm to health and these of herbicides and pesticides, and the yet unknown impact of GMO on human health.

I do think the younger generation is more astute and as a result, one can see a clear movement towards a healthier lifestyle overall, with people craving additional knowledge and products within the natural and organic skincare space.

Q: What sets apart House of Life London from other organic brands?

House of Life London formulas are based on a combination of SECRET WILD HERB SCIENCE from Georgia, shared for the first time exclusively by one of Georgia's highly celebrated herbal doctors. This is combined with the latest in natural science from the West, bringing the best of nature and thousands of years knowledge and research together to deliver the most effective organic skincare solutions.

Unique formulations

Our formations focus on the best possible outcome of each unique herbal blend combination and the highest possible concentration of actives, nutrients and anti-inflammation with visible proven results. Our formulations are based on centuries of experience working with plants and understanding which works together for the best results. In addition, we harness the purity and activeness of wildcrafted herbs where possible. Wildcrafted herbs are proven to contain more nutrients and phytonutrients than farmed herbs do.

Plant-based ingredients

Carefully formulated and using only the finest of plant-based ingredients that are free from animal testing and vegan friendly, we believe we deliver the purest and the most effective high performing organic skincare solution available.

Multi-tasking products

We are the first to offer a truly organic 'all day, all-in-one moisturiser and serum, a proven multi-tasker with visible results'. Not only did we make it simple for our customers, because this way they don't need to invest in 4 products upfront, but also offer them personal choices.

We formulated a solution for each skin type, that is suitable for all skin and offers three choices of uniquely formulated scents that help to influence moods in different ways and personal choices in scent.

Natural UV protection

Our formulated solution uses the latest clinically proven natural UV protection technology that not helps protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, but also Infrared. Whilst allowing vitamin D and actives to penetrates skin deeply and perform their individual tasks.

House of Life London is an excellent solution for customers who are time poor thanks to the multi-tasking products. We also offer true solutions for acne prone and fragmented skin.

Healing damaged skin

We have seen many people coming to us for help after trying many different solutions that did not help but often-worsened symptoms or aggravated their skin further. Most of the time this is because the solutions they used are not natural and although a small percentage of this helps heal the appearance of acne or stressed skin, the toxins penetrate and damage the skin and skin cells because when your skin is fragmented the ionic layer is damaged and allows toxins to easily penetrate deeper skin layer.

An organic solution to fragmented skin is best because it heals and does not attack.

Q: What does “natural skincare mean to you?

To me, natural means achieving 100% natural and organic content. That the products contain zero toxins, that it uses the purest of ingredients and that they are manufactured in the purest and most ethical manner.

When we created House of Life London, it was important to make sure our products actually WORK, feel good, smell good and absorb well. Failing to achieve this would mean customer wouldn't enjoy using our products, and that would not be a good outcome.

Our ingredients are not just natural, but wherever possible we replace them with wildcrafted or organic ingredients making sure they are not genetically modified or sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. We only use cosmo/eco-certified cosmeceutical ingredients, going through the extent of checking that there are no harmful synthetics or testing on animals in the technical data sheet.

We make sure our manufacturing process is as pure as possible. For example our formulated oil blends go through various manual process of filtration in order to achieve the finest and luxurious quality product. In our filtering process we only use materials that are not treated.

Finally, each of our products go through a rigorous testing process by our elected panels, ensuring our products pass the quality and results we strive to achieve.

Q: We are sure this will be a tough one! But can you name your favourite natural skincare ingredients?

Indeed this is a tough one as there is not really ONE favourite ingredient. Our formulations are based on the compounded effects and the unique blend of carefully selected ingredients. It is like teamwork, you need all the skills to build a rocket to the moon and to achieve the best results in the fastest time within budget you need the best team.

Each of our blends is therefore totally unique for its purpose. However, if I have to choose one, I would say Sea Buckthorn. The reason for this is because there are so many clinical studies about this super herb. It is proven to be highly anti-inflammatory but it also contains the highest number of nutrients that is possible in a plant. These nutrients include Omega 7, which normally can only be attained through dairy products. As a plant-based product, Omega 7 is very important for skin repair, in particular for vegans. For this reason this ingredient is in all of our Complete Skin® skincare range.

Q: There are people that have a tried and tested skin routine that will probably contain preservatives, silicones and synthetic ingredients. For those skeptics, what would you say to convince them that organic and natural skincare is for them?

I would say that although some of these products may give you fast results in the short-term, in the long-term, some of these will do more harm than good due to it's harsh content that damages your skin's ionic layer. When the ionic layer is damaged, so are the cells underneath and in some instances, toxic content that may be harmful to your health because of repetitive use. The ionic layer of the skin, is there to protect your skin from pollution and toxins. With the rise in the amount of toxins and pollutions we are exposed to daily, we should look to protect it rather then destroy it.

The good news is there is a rising demand for natural and organic skincare products; therefore, I am hopeful that more effective ingredients and solutions like House of Life London will be formulated in the future.

Q: Another tough one, but if you had to recommend just one House of Life London product, what would it be?

Just like our ingredients, each of our products is uniquely formulated for its purpose and the benefits it delivers to skin. However, if I have to choose one then I would definitely recommend our House of Life London No.13 Intense Body Repair.

I believe this the most powerful age repair product available today. The 100% organic formula delivers a nutrients boost to repair the body. Achieving visible results to smooth, tone and firm skin. For customers where the face is the main focus, I would recommend to use our all day all-in-one moisturiser and serum, House of Life London No.31 Face Repair Cream, which is suitable for combination skin.

For more information on the entire House of Life London range, speak to our skin care experts on 0113 282 7744 or shop online now!

Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

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