Autumn Haircare with Christophe Robin

Autumn Haircare with Christophe Robin

Autumn is well and truly here, and along with the changing of the leaves, you may well find yourself noticing a few changes in your hair, too. As the colder months settle in, it’s not unusual for your hair to become drier than usual and command a little more TLC. So, to help you keep your locks looking their best, we spoke to Andrea Da Costa, the training manager for Christophe Robin, about all things autumn haircare.  

Christophe Robin is a Parisian haircare brand named after its founder and A-list celebrity hairdresser, Christophe Robin. A colour expert, Christophe Robin has successfully created one of the most well-loved luxury hair brands on the beauty market. With a range of products to suit all hair needs, and a powerhouse collective of ingredients, take your tresses to the next level this autumn.

As we head into autumn, which Christophe Robin products should we use to treat post-summer dryness?

“During summer season, sun exposure, salt water, and chlorine tend to sensitise the hair fibre, leaving it dry and brittle.” Andrea said. “To restore your hair and offer it an intense dose of nutrition, go for the regenerating regimen; infused with prickly pear oil, this three-step routine intensely rejuvenates hair while offering long-lasting shine and softness.”

Regenerating Shampoo

Designed to gently cleanse and nourish dry and damaged hair, this shampoo, strengthens, and revitalises.

With nurturing omegas 6 and 9 to strengthen, the shampoo is also enriched with a guar bean derivative to smooth frizz, and pro-vitamin B5 to enhance shine. Leave your hair looking luminous and healthy, and feeling soft and smooth.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo

Regenerating Mask

Working to improve the appearance of split ends, your hair will be strengthened, rejuvenated, and nourished.

Enriched with nurturing omegas 6 and 9 to make the hair feel more supple, along with a biomimetic ceramide to seal split ends and smooth frizz, and a vitamin F complex to rejuvenate your hair. This creamy mask intensely conditions and enhances shine.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask

Regenerating Serum

Give your hair 230°C heat protection whilst preventing frizz and improving the appearance of split ends.

Formulated with 94% natural ingredients, the serum is packed with omegas and amino acids to help fortify your hair. Also enriched with tucuma butter to nourish your hair without weighing it down, and castor oil to soften and enhance shine. Designed for dry and damaged hair, this serum has an opulent rejuvenating formula that’s free from silicones.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum


For coloured hair that has lost its vibrancy after sun exposure this summer, which Christophe Robin products would you recommend? 

“The Shade Variation Mask is a haircare staple (available in 5 shades).” Andrea said. “This nourishing mask is infused with almond butter and pigments to nourish strands while neutralising unwanted tones and reviving your coloured hair. Applied once every 3 to 5 shampoos it will refresh your colour with fresh, luminous tones.”

Shade Variation Mask

Revive and enhance your hair colour with this nourishing mask suitable for both natural and colour-treated hair.

Formulated with almond butter to soften, smooth, and add shine, and buriti oil to nurture hair.  This colour enhancing hair mask does not cover greys and washes out after 3-5 shampoos.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask

With temperatures cooling, which Christophe Robin products should we add to our haircare routine this autumn to keep our locks looking healthy? 

“Christophe Robin offers a complete line-up of transformative products for all hair types,” Andrea said, “choose the day-to-day routine that suits your scalp and hair, and add an extra weekly, intense treatment to protect your hair from cold weather, wind, and scarves. Fall, and its cooling temperature, is the perfect season to indulge yourself in self-care moments!”

Hydrating Melting Mask With Aloe Vera

Made with aloe vera, this mask intensely hydrates your hair whilst reducing frizz, enhancing shine and increasing suppleness. It'll leave your hair feeling soft, supple, and full of shine.

Enriched with aloe vera to hydrate, oligosaccharide to moisturise and plump, and flaxseed oil to nourish, your hair will be left looking luminous.

Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask With Aloe Vera


For those going darker for autumn, which products should we use to maintain the deep colour? 

“When it comes to colour maintenance, adopting the right routine is key.” Andrea said. “The colour shield regimen locks in colour pigments while maintaining colour vibrancy overtime; the camu-camu berries it contains protects your colour from oxidation and avoids unwanted tones from appearing.”

Colour Shield Shampoo with Camu-Camu Berries

Protect your coloured, bleached, or highlighted hair whist locking in radiance and protecting against fading.

This gentle cleansing shampoo is formulated with camu-camu to nourish and nurture your hair, whilst pomelo extract prevents discolouration, and the addition of crambe oil enhances colour intensity.  

Christophe Robin Colour Shield Shampoo with Camu-Camu Berries

Colour Shield Mask with Camu-Camu Berries

Enjoy the vibrancy and radiance of newly coloured hair with this colour shield mask, enriched with antioxidants derived from vitamin E and vitamin C, your hair is to protected against environmental aggressors Formulated with crambe oil to maintain colour vibrancy, and macadamia oil to soften

This creamy conditioning mask locks in colour and deeply nourishes your hair to leave it looking and feeling nourished and revived.

Christophe Robin Colour Shield Mask with Camu-Camu Berries


For Christophe Robin newbies, which three products would you recommend trying first? 

“Of course, this will depend on what your hair and scalp need,” Andrea said, “but the Cleansing Purifying Scrub Wth Sea Salt, the Regenerating Mask With Prickly Pear Oil (as mentioned earlier), and the Cleansing Volumising Paste With Rose Extracts are hair staples you need to try at least once; in addition to incredible results they offer, their textures and scents are divine!”

Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt

Many of us struggle with a dry scalp in winter and autumn weather, but for some, an over oily scalp remains all year around. Cleanse and purify your oily, sensitive scalp once a week with this deep-cleaning shampoo scrub. 

Designed to detoxify and deep cleanse, the mask is formulated with sea salt crystals to gently exfoliate, bisabolol to calm and cleanse, and a natural carbohydrate complex to combat dehydration.

Relieve itchiness and balance oily roots whilst leaving your hair super shiny.  

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Cleansing Volumising Paste with Rose Extracts

Heavenly scented, this volumising paste is inspired by the precious Rose Quartz crystal. Enriched with rhassoul clay and rose extracts, this clay-to-foam formula densifies and volumises your hair strands and boosts body in flat, thin, or fine hair.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste with Rose Extracts

Now that your autumn haircare routine is perfected, what about enhaning your skincare routine, too? Read our blog post here on Autumn Skincare with Avene for some of our favourite dry skin saviours of the season.