ANSWR Haircare: Be Your Own Beauty Expert With The ANSWR At Home Keratin Treatment

At Home Keratin Treatment

ANSWR haircare is an at-home salon-grade beauty brand that's on a mission to simplify your beauty routine by empowering you to be your own beauty expert and allowing you to take ownership of your beauty routine with their at home keratin treatment. 

Taking the beauty world by storm, ANSWR made waves across the industry by launching the first-ever at-home keratin treatment in 2019 - ANSWR began giving customers incredibly shiny, silky and healthy hair - no matter their hair type! Their salon-grade treatment works to moisturise hair from the inside and closes the hair scales whilst preserving the results, giving long-lasting, affordable results that are accessible to everyone. Get professional haircare at home with ANSWR. 

Hassle-Free Beauty Solutions 

ANSWR founder, Georgiana Grudinschi, is a big advocate of low maintenance beauty - believing that looking great should be fun, simple, easy, and personal. 

Born from her own personal needs, Georgiana wanted to create a brand that lets you take your beauty schedule into your own hands, giving you the freedom to dictate your own schedule instead of having to work around regular salon visits to maintain your beauty routine. 

Georgiana says: "I really want to celebrate hassle-free beauty solutions that enable everyone to express themselves freely. I firmly believe beauty shouldn’t be complicated. Beauty should make everyone feel good. Not pressured. Beauty should not control you. You control beauty. Only you know what you need. You choose what’s right.It’s always a 'pinch me' moment when I hear about the positive changes our products are having on people's beauty." 

At home keratin treatment

What Are The Benefits Of ASWR At-Home Keratin Treatment?

Aside from getting beautifully frizz-free locks, there are tons of benefits to ANSWR's at-home keratin treatment.

Quick and easy application
Simply spray the solution on your hair, rinse it out, then style your hair for gorgeously smooth results. 

Results last up to three months
Long-lasting results mean that the treatment is cost-effective and super low-maintenance. Prolong your results for as long as possible by using ANSWR's shampoo and conditioner, too, for your smoothest, shiniest, healthiest hair. 

Cuts your blow-drying time by half
Save time on your styling and enjoy a shorter haircare routine. 

Helps your hair to maintain its natural body whilst being more manageable
The treatment helps your hair to look its best - full of natural body whilst being more manageable thanks to its smoothing, pH balancing formula. 

Makes your hair softer and shiner
Enjoy beautifully softer and shinier hair with ingredients like pineapple extract, phyto ceramides, and natural humectants.

Helps your hair retain moisture and provides antioxidant action
Healthy hair is moisturised hair - with natural humectants the formulas help your hair to retain the moisture it needs to look and feel healthy, whilst providing antioxidant action to fight against the premature ageing of your hair. 

Cuts the need to heat-style daily
One of our favourite benefits! Heat-styling your hair daily is not only time-consuming, but it's also super damaging too. Skipping this daily step will help you to achiever healthier, stronger locks. 

The ANSWR Treatments You Need To Try 

ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment

The OG of at-home alternatives to expensive salon keratin treatments, this easy-to-use formula helps to seal your hair cuticles and balance your hair’s pH, all whilst restoring optimal softness and shine. Just one easy-to-apply treatment at home results in up to three months perfectly frizz free hair.

Simply spray on, rinse out, and straighten your hair for head-turning wow-worthy results.

Featuring an exclusive Veratin technology - a 100% vegan keratin, along with with fruit vinegars, pineapple extract, and gentle acids, the formula smooths and controls frizz for all hair types and lasts up to an incredible three months. 

ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment

ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment Kit

ANSWR's at home keratin treatment is also available in a full kit to bring you the perfect hair smoothing routine. 

With a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, you can prolong the effect of your treatment.

The set comes with:

Smoothing Spray


ANSWR At-home Keratin Treatment Kit

ANSWR Shampoo

The perfect aftercare product for your ANSWR at-home treatment, this gentle but effective shampoo wraps your hair cuticles in a soft, rich, and creamy foam.

Infused with rich AHA pineapple extract and natural humectants, the shampoo offers moisture to your hair as it cleanses.  



ANSWR Shampoo

ANSWR Conditioner

Infused with pineapple extract that's rich in AHA, and phyto ceramides from sunflower seeds, this smoothing formula helps to protect and repair your damaged hair for silky-smooth results. 

An essential part of your haircare routine to prolong the results of your ANSWR at-home keratin treatment. 

ANSWR Conditioner

ANSWR Flyaway & Brow Control

Pesky flyaways will be a thing of the past with this innovative finishing stick that can also be used for your eyebrows, too! 

With a mascara-like spoolie, tame and frame your locks and brows with ease.

The colourless formula is enriched with conditioning jojoba oil and gives a long-lasting finish to lock your look in place all day.



ANSWR Flyaway & Brow Control



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ANSWR Shampoo 300ml

ANSWR Conditioner 300ml BottleANSWR Conditioner 300ml
ANSWR Conditioner 300ml

ANSWR Flyaway & Brow Control 7mlANSWR Flyaway & Brow Control 7ml
ANSWR Flyaway & Brow Control 7ml


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