Thursday, 20 October 2016

An Introduction To Synergie By Helen Ritchie

There are lots of exciting new launches due to arrive over the next few weeks at Face the Future, but one of the brands I'm most excited about is Synergie. It's a truly innovative brand and I love their philosophy on caring for your skin. Rather than reading my rambles, I thought the best way for you to find out about Synergie was straight from the horse's mouth. So, over to Helen Ritchie, the UK distributor of Synergie.

We are incredibly excited to be taking on Synergie. Could you please tell us a little more about how the brand began?

Back before the chemical-free beauty industry had really hit its stride, Australian cosmeceutical brand Synergie launched onto the scene with its clean, clinically-active skincare approach to protect, change and nurture skin. Skincare was either becoming focused on 'purity' or 'results', but not both. When Terri Vinson (cosmetic chemist and biomedical scientist) invented her clean science© formulations in 2005, Synergie fast became a firm favourite among cosmetic doctors and skin clinicians alike. Purity of ideas and ingredients are the pillars that have made this brand.Synergie gives you optimum-dose active ingredients in the right carriers (this point is critical!) to deliver skin change at a cellular level. Synergie uses only pure ingredients which are skin-friendly.Terri knows that feel and fragrance are so important to our experience. The natural, subtle scents and luxurious textures mean Synergie's serums and moisturisers are beautiful to use (and addictive!)

Do you think more people are becoming aware of what actually goes into their skincare products?

Yes, but people still value results above anything else. We are in the generation of turbo beauty, but, the trend towards clean living is also real and has momentum. Synergie created a line that you can apply without compromise. There is a lot of conflicting information out there about cosmetics. Conversations with Terri Vinson are so enlightening (like the importance of the carrier, or the fact when formulated with water, the benefits of vitamin C will have fizzled out before the bottle is even open!). Our role as skin experts is to be transparent and help educate our clients. You should always choose skincare based on the contents and not the price tag. I'm definitely not a skincare snob. I want authentic products that are beautiful to use but they must deliver on what they promise.[caption id="attachment_4380" align="aligncenter" ]Helen Ritchie with Terri Vinson, the founder of Synergie. Helen Ritchie with Terri Vinson, the founder of Synergie.[/caption]

For someone looking to keep their skincare regime quick and simple, what products should they be getting on to their skin?

There's a lot of choice. For amazing skin, it has to be the 5-a-day.5 products, 5 minutes, twice a day, everyday.
  1. Cleanse, morning and evening with Ultracleanse.
  2. Protect your skin during the day with Uberzinc (or Synergie's active mineral make-up)
  3. Change your skin with Synergie's ABC vitamin serums. Apply 2 at night, 1 in the day.
That said are no absolute rules for skincare, although if you use just two products for the rest of your life, then you should choose Ultracleanse and Uberzinc becauseBefore you apply any serum or moisturizer, you must ensure your skin is completely clean as excess oils can impede ingredient penetration. Ultracleanse purifies every skin type leaving skin comfy with no feeling of tightness. We just know this is going to become a cult product.Uberzinc hydrates, delivers powerful protection and a healthy glow. It helps prevent pigmentation, slow the formation of wrinkles, skin damage and calms the skin.My advice is to experiment with the serums and moisturisers and see which you love. Anyone over 25 who hasn't been vigilant with UV protection will have some premature ageing (even if it's not visible now). That's when the ABC and specialist skin changing serums come into play “ these keep the skin fit and firm, help reverse damage “ skin behaves better and younger.Whenever I'm feeling like giving my skin a boost, I will use Reveal home peel serum and lather on Masquerase. Masquerase is a best seller in Hong Kong.

Although it's fantastic for skin health, vitamin B often gets overlooked in skincare, so it's great to see it featured quite prominently in the Synergie range. Why is vitamin B so crucial for optimal skin health?

Synergie's Vitamin B was Terri's first serum and is still the star of the show. With a beefy 13% dose of niacinamide, it retrains your skin to hydrate itself by strengthening the outer skin layer; I call it the pregnancy glow serum. After 2 weeks, your skin will be strong and have a real luminescence from the ceramide boost (which pregnant women experience in their first trimester). Anyone who has dry, sensitive, red or lacklustre skin will love it. Vitamin B also helps with pigmentation, acneic skin and it boosts skin's immunity. It smells divine too with a delicate scent of rose oil.

The focus on teen cosmeceutical skincare within the range is a fantastic addition. What advice would you give to any of our younger clients struggling with the onset of skin conditions and concerns?

I agree. I'm actually quite disappointed with some of the options available for adolescent skin (some exacerbate problems). Careful cleansing is top of my list, avoiding oil rebound and vulnerable exposed skin through over-cleansing. In-b-Teen is a great serum to protect, control oiliness and prevent breakouts before problems get serious. If a spot does arrive, I can't recommend Blem-X highly enough. It's a topical spot serum that combats the four causes of acne fast, rather than just battling bacteria, as many products do. They are a great alternative to potentially toxic prescription solutions.

For someone looking to try the Synergie range for the first time, what would you recommend as your top three 'hero' products?

Choosing a new skincare brand or product can seem overwhelming.I would recommend starting with Vitamin B, Ultracleanse and Uberzinc and working your way up to the other serums. Vitamin B can be easily added to your current regime. If you are ready to go large from Day 1 and give your skin a real work out, then try an intro kit so that you can experience the whole range and take your time to choose 'the one' or 'few' products you love.My top three skin essentials are:UltracleanseVitamin BUberzincFor anti-ageing, it's got to be:Ultimate ASuperSerumReclaimHelen Ritchie tracked down Terri Vinson in Australia after a three year trialing and sampling programme. Helen is passionate about skincare and believes everyone deserves to have access to amazing skin.

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