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An Interview With... Kathryn of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots

The rise of the collagen drink has been tremendous over the last year. Lots of brands, both established and new, have turned their hand to creating a drink that makes you look younger. Although it may sound like a fad, there's plenty of science behind how collagen drinks work and they have gone from the latest trend to a skincare staple.

Long before the hype, one brand has been producing a clinically proven, highly effective formula that has stood its ground and remained one of the most popular collagen drinks on the market. That brand is Rejuvenated. I was eager to learn more, so caught up with Kathryn Danzey, the founder of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots®.

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots® are a hugely popular anti-ageing supplement. Could you please tell us bit about how the product was developed?

At Rejuvenated we have worked on the concept of beauty from within for over 23 years. We made the connection early on, it seemed logical to us that what you put inside would reflect on the outside. In 2003 we discovered that actually taking collagen could improve not only the skin but also help overall health. At the time we could only get collagen in a tablet form - the maximum dosage available was in 200 mg tablets - but early trials showed that the best effects were achieved by taking 10,000 mg.  It was at this time that I came up with the concept of creating a drink with 10,000 mg in; it was very much a creation of my imagination. What if we could make a drink that would really make an improvement to our skin, one that was so potent it would give a visible difference?You see, I really wanted and needed this product and if I needed it I knew other people would too.There was very much a drinking culture at the time with the rise of the 'ladettes'. My thoughts were that women would go out and have a vodka shot but then come home and take their Collagen Shot, it seemed the perfect name to me.I worked on combining it with potent antioxidants and vitamins, the formula was ready but we needed to find a way to put it together as there was no such concept as a beauty drink. A fortunate chance meeting with a team of sports product developers and nutritionists gave us the opportunity to actually bring together Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, a drink that has now achieved iconic status.

We have seen a huge growth in the popularity of collagen drinks recently. How important do you think it is to take care of skin from within, alongside the use of topical products?

The health of the skin is a reflection of our total health. There are the odd lucky few who can party all screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-36-00night, eat what they want and still look amazing, but for most of us that isn't the case and with the skin, a multi-faceted approach is the best way.Many of our customers find Collagen Shots a game changer in the condition of their skin.  The amount of amino acid proteins (10,000 mg) supports the formation of collagen, elasticity and connective tissue throughout the whole body, not just the face.It's impossible to get the right amount of collagen from diet alone as the amino acid peptides that we use are from hydrolysed marine collagen, which means that it is broken down into the correct protein chains to make it available for absorption. It is the perfect building block for all other skin care and treatments.Overall, we recommend a 5 tier approach:
  • A healthy and nourishing diet including drinking plenty of water
  • High quality supplements with active ingredients
  • Habitual progressive skincare with products
  • Professional treatments to support
  • Daily relaxation/meditation

The rise of collagen drinks has seen a number of new brands pop up on the scene lately. What is it about Collagen Shots that makes Rejuvenated stand out and be one of the top-sellers in such a busy market?

We are incredibly proud at the success of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, it was formulated to have maximum impact by matching the product to clinical data. Many brands will use clinical studies in their marketing but not actually use the clinically stated amount within their product.After all my years of treating customers and hearing their comments of low self esteem I wanted a product that would make a difference to how they look and feel. Most women are not seeking a drastic change, they want to feel brighter, more vibrant and to lose that 'tired look'. Being in my early 50's at the time, this was a product that I wanted and if we were going to sell it to our customers we had to be confident that it would achieve real results so there could be no compromise in formulation.All our ingredients are of the highest quality and totally traceable, in a fast growing market where companies are looking for big profits it is easy to cut corners with synthetic alternatives. I believe that the effectiveness of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots is down our unique blend and the fact that we only use the most potent ingredients.Rejuvenated Collagen Shots has 10,000 mg of hydrolysed marine collagen and comes as a pure dried powder, without artificial ingredients, additives or sweeteners. We don't sell it in a pre-mixed version as a ready made drink needs to be pasteurised before bottling and there are thoughts that this process can reduce the benefit of proteins and vitamin C.The fact that you mix a powder form does not detract from the potency as all particles are broken down and absorbed through the digestive processOne of the key aspects is that we do not have any sugar or sucralose, both are linked to hardening of collagen fibres. Instead we use stevia, a natural leaf to give a light fresh taste.We use a specific method of blending which is unique and combines hyaluronic acid (natures hydrator) with acai berry, a highly potent antioxidant that holds its own amino acids in abundance, vitamins, minerals and omega 3. There's a boost of vitamin C to aid absorption, while copper and zinc both assist with healthy DNA and protect cells from oxidative stress.More than anything we have stood out from our competition by the incredible recommendations and feedback of our customers. We are humbled by the comments and support that we receive. One customer lives part of the year in Australia, she has just arrived back there and 6 of her friends have ordered because of the difference in her skin. You can't beat that sort of recommendation.

You have been in the beauty industry for 40 years and will have seen lots of developments; how have the industry and the expectations of customers changed in this time?

[caption id="attachment_4446" align="alignright" ]Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated Collagen Shots[/caption]It has been an incredible time to be involved in the beauty industry, what started out as cold cream facials and massages has evolved into one of the biggest growing areas in the science. We can't stop the chronological age but there is so much that we can do to stop our body and face age. By embracing an overall progressive approach we can make drastic improvements in not only our face but our whole well being and you don't have to use invasive means to achieve them. I love going to trade shows to see what new concepts are on the horizon.It does bring both good and bad with it though, I would advise that you always fully research a new concept before embracing it, particularly with treatments. I am amazed how quickly trends change as large companies are driven by profits they need to bring out more and more developments. Quite often we get asked what's the latest trend, to which our reply is, we don't do trends. All the products we bring to market have years of research in them and we have been using some of the ingredients for the 23 years, they are just amazing ingredients and give incredible benefits.

For anyone looking to try Collagen Shots for the first time, what results can they expect to see?

Everyone is unique, so the time it takes to see visible results and feel any difference from Rejuvenated Collagen Shots® will vary from person to person.  The way that we would always describe it is 'you on a good day and most days are good days - a fresher more youthful version of yourself.'
  • After one week most people start to notice an improvement in skin feel (softness and reduced dryness).
  • After two to three weeks skin starts to appear smoother and fuller, more youthful and an increased glow.
  • After three to four weeks wrinkles and fine lines become less noticeable.
  • After five to six weeks skin feels more hydrated, plumper and more elastic.
Some may see these results quickly, whilst others may not see results for several weeks later than above. The actress Glynis Barber is incredibly healthy and has the most beautiful skin, it was 6 weeks before she noticed a difference but now she is a total fan of our Collagen Shots. We recommend that you take a daily Rejuvenated Collagen Shots® continuously for twelve weeks to really see the full benefits.For more information on Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, visit our website or call our skincare experts on 0113 282 3181.

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