An Interview With Dr. Hadi of VIVDERMA

An Interview With Dr. Hadi of VIVDERMA
With so many new products and brands coming onto the skincare market every month, it really takes some unique to get me excited. However, when VIVDERMA arrived at Face the Future HQ, that was exactly what happened. The brand has a really interesting back story, so I thought who better to introduce the products to you than the mind behind the range, Dr. Hadi. Here's what happened when we caught up.

We're really excited to introduce VIVDERMA to our clients and customers. Could you tell us a bit more about how you started the brand?

Having been a dermatologist for over 25 years, I've always struggled to find a brand that is scientifically proven to be functional. By this I mean a brand that can help improve skin health whilst taking care and attention of skin needs, and helping to combat signs of ageing. Because of this, I decided to look into creating 'the perfect' brand that I knew I could rely on and happily recommend to my patients. This was the birth of VIVDERMA.VIVDERMA

You've spent 25 years practising dermatology within the NHS. In this time, how do you think our skincare needs and expectations have changed?

As a population, we've become much more educated, demanding and concerned with our health, including our skin's health. We're keen to see how we can look the best we can for our age and embrace our natural look. This means we are looking for scientifically proven skincare that we know will deliver on its promise. We're also very time poor with our lifestyles pulling us in all different directions. Because of this we don't all have hours a day to take care of our skin and health so need quick, easy fixes/routines. VIVDERMA's products are all multi-functioning meaning you get a variety of different benefits in one bottle, helping you to cut down on time (and money) by applying cream after cream after cream.

We love the idea of the three ranges within the brand (Skincare, Skin Clinic and Skin Rehab) - What was the inspiration behind this concept?

I wanted to create a brand and range that everyone could use, no matter what their skin type, issue, concern or preference is. Whilst working in the NHS, I've come across patients with many different skin types and issues meaning creating one range to suit all would be almost impossible, this led to the creation of the 3 ranges.Skincare is your generic skincare range. It includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and the type of products we all use every day. It is essential daily skincare that incorporates cutting edge ingredients and advance technology to help improve overall skin health, whatever your skin type.Skin Clinic is a selection of lightweight, instantly absorbed serums that can be added to the core skincare range to intensively treat specific skin concerns such as anti-ageing, age spots, pigmentation, inflammation, etc. The products are packed with powerful actives, the Skin Clinic serums help to correct, strengthen, structure, texture and tone your complexion.Skin Rehab is then a range of one off treatments to help calm and rectify skin in crisis. Skin Rehab is intensive beauty boosters designed to supplement your skincare regime with targeted treatments to balance, renew, regenerate purify and optimise your skin's health.By having the 3 ranges, customers can pick and choose products from each to create their complete range, meaning each routine will be specifically targeted to treat their concerns.

Skincare technologies are constantly developing. What do you see as the next big development in the skincare industry?

Recently amongst the American Academy and the British Association of Dermatologists, there has been a lot of talk about the future development of cosmetic skincare, how we can continue to move it forward and how we can ensure it's the best it can be. It has been agreed that the best, most effective and functional skincare product must follow the below principles;
  1. Products must include multiple active ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and target skin concerns.
  2. The level of any claimed actives used within a product must fall within the recommended concentration amount advised by the manufacturer.
VIVDERMA has been built and formulated on these principles. Our products are exclusively crafted with scientifically proven, highly concentrated, powerful actives that bring about skincare solutions with immediate results and long term benefits.I truly believe that VIVDERMA is leading the way in skincare technology and over the coming years we will see other skincare brands following suit and adapting their products or launching new ranges that abide by the principles VIVDERMA is already working too.

The Cellular Recovery System has caused a lot of excitement among the Face the Future team. What makes this product so special?

The Cellular Recovery System from our Skin Rehab range is possibly the true hero of the whole VIVDERMA brand! The system includes Retinol-Lipodisq, PhytoCellTec Argan and Biodyness TRF. The Retinol means wrinkles are minimised, skin pigmentation is targeted, skin cell turnover is improved and natural collagen production is encouraged. Whilst the PhytoCellTec Argan helps to stimulate the dermal stem cells and the Biodyness TRF promotes dermal collagen synthesis, revitalises and acts as a soothing agent to reduce any inflammation or irritation. The Retinol within the Cellular Recovery System is linked to a carrier molecule known as Lipodisq. This is a carrier system designed to deliver the Retinol into the deeper layers of the skin, where it is needed. This same carrier system is used with Vitamin C in all VIVDERMA products.Cellular RecoveryBy accelerating the cellular turnover, it means younger skin cells are brought to the surface, wrinkles are visibly improved and skin tone is more firm, taught and refined. This daily treatment helps to boost collagen production to improve the structure of the skin which creates the contours of complexion.This concentrated treatment also helps diminish the appearance of age spots and areas of pigmentation, while also combating skin breakouts.This serious treatment is for mature skin and those looking for a luxury treatment ahead of a big occasion or event.Due to the intensity of this treatment, recommendation is to repeat up to 4 times a year, depending on skin requirements. It is likely that some mild tingling, irritation or slight redness may occur, it's perfectly normal and is a sign the product is having effect on your skin.In summary, this product is unique because it contain selective multi-actives from scientifically proven ingredients. It uses a delivery system called 'Lipodisq' that delivers the actives into where it is need. The selected actives target selected cells in all the layers of the skin “ The Basal cells of the Epidermis, the Melanocytes at the Dermoepidermal Junction and the Histiocytes of the Dermis. Finally, it's truly multi-functional acting as a potent anti-ager, clearing age spots and areas of pigmentation and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Finally, for someone looking to try VIVDERMA for the first time, which three products would you recommend?

That really is a difficult questions as I truly believe in all 12 of the products across our 3 ranges and without knowing each individual skin type and concern it can be tricky to pick just three. However, our Comforting Gellee Cleanser from our skincare range is one of our heroes. The 'honey-like' texture is quite unique on the skin and once water is added it turns to a milky texture which feels amazing on the skin “ not to mention the results you will see. Your skin will thank you for it.Everyone one should be using a cleanser and moisturiser everyday so I would recommend either our Restoring Skin Moisturiser or the Equalising Skin Moisturiser depending on your skin type/preference, both of which are from the skincare range. The Restoring Skin Moisturiser is for dry/mature, normal/dry skin and will provide essential skin plumping moisture and anti-oxidant protection whilst also improve microcirculation, skin luminosity and help reduce fine line and wrinkles. The Equalising Skin Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and focuses more on providing a quenching and harmonising boost. It has intelligent actives in it which will help to balance your skins split personality. I would always recommend a moisturiser so it's best for you to pick which of the two sound most suitable for your skin type.The third product would have to be our Smoothing Serum from our Skin Clinic range. This is basically a Botox injection in a bottle (and without the needles!). The actives and ingredients within the products have the same functions as a Botox injection. If you want results “ you'll want this!Whilst I know I should stop at 3 I can't not also recommend the Sculpting Neck and Chest Cream from our skincare range. The neck and chest area can be one of the first areas to 'sag' and show signs of ageing as we get older so I would always recommend having a product that takes care of that area for you. Again, you will thank yourself for doing so in years to come.

Soon we will also be launching Detox Elixir into our Skin Rehab range. It's a new potent anti-ageing serum, perhaps one to add to your Christmas/birthday list. Keep your eyes peeled for more details of its launch.

For more information on VIVDERMA or to find the products in the range best suited to your skin, call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.