An Interview With Adam Birtwistle of Mesoestetic UK

An Interview With Adam Birtwistle of Mesoestetic UK

One of my favourite brands I use in clinic is Mesoestetic. Mesoestetic is a Spanish company founded in Barcelona in 1944 by Joan Carles Font and Mª José Almansa. Mesoestetic has since become a leading company in medical aesthetics. One of the reasons I love working with this company and its products is down to their dedication to the research and development of new products for its clients.

We met up with the UK distributor, Adam Birtwistle, to find out a little more about this growing industry favourite.

How long have you worked with Mesoestetic?

Since 2007.

What makes Mesoestetic unique?

We were very struck when we first met Mesoestetic with their determination to create the ultimate professional products and to continually maintain extremely high levels of quality in accordance with regulatory bodies. Even after 30 years, they are still a family owned and operated company, making it a very personal venture.

They always invest 40% of their profits into research and development and each new product is tested for safety and efficacy thoroughly prior to release. Existing products are constantly reworked to include the latest technologies so that our customers can be sure they can continue to use the same treatments with new advancements as and when they happen.

What is the most popular retail product for home use?

Due to the popularity of the Cosmelan professional treatment, the Cosmelan 2 Depigmentation Cream is still an enormous favourite for a home use product, which must of course be used alongside our Hydra Factor K Moisturiser and complete sunblock.

What is the feedback you have received from the new Acnelan range?

We are very proud to say that our clients are having great success with the new Acnelan range. During the research with leading dermatologists in preparation of this treatment, price was considered a major factor and Mesoestetic have managed to produce a very effective product at a very competitive price. The use of the home care is essential with this treatment product to continue the action of the in clinic treatment and maintain the results. Acne is a very emotive issue and creating a product that works quickly at an affordable price was very important to Mesoestetic.

What can we expect to see from Mesoestetic as a company in the future?

Mesoestetic is already represented in 90 countries worldwide and their reputation is still spreading. More and more of the top clinicians are seeing the brand as an invaluable asset to their portfolio and we envisage that the name will continue to grow to reach more and more people. You can expect to see more innovative skincare solutions through their research as they discover new and exciting ways to manufacture the best products possible.

We know Mesoestetic works with the Euromelanoma Skin Cancer Campaign.

Can you tell us more?

A dark spot could change your life is one of the main messages of the new Euromelanoma 2016 campaign, a Europe-wide project organised by the Healthy Skin Foundation and the Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), an initiative receiving support from Mesoestetic Pharma Group for the third consecutive year.Sponsored and supported voluntarily by more than 250 dermatologists all over the country, Euromelanoma 2016 is a macro-initiative that involves more than 30 European member countries. The idea is to raise awareness among the population, particularly among young people, who are likely to ignore the potentially fatal risks of irresponsible exposure to the sun.“A tan is fleeting, your skin is for ever; Health or fashion? That's the dilemma. Don't burn your life. Protect yourself from the sun and see a dermatologist and Sun damage is irreversible if you don't take care. Don't overdo it" are among the clear, direct, simple messages of a campaign that AEDV specialists have launched to remind everyone of the dangers of overexposure to the sun or sun exposure without suitable protection.

As well as high-spectrum sun creams, Mesoestetic manufactures a wide range of professional and home use products for treating dark spots on the skin according to their typology, origin and location. Cosmelan, which is one of the company's best sellers, was launched 20 years ago and is still the highest-selling professional depigmentation treatment in the world thanks to its effectiveness.

Last of all, what is your personal favourite Mesoestetic product?

My favourite treatment product is Cosmelan as it produces such fantastic results and endures as the No.1 depigmentation product worldwide.

The new Stem Cell Body Cream containing Mesoestetic Smart Chrono Peptide is my sure favourite retail product at the moment!

For more information on Mesoestetic products and treatments please call our clinic on 0113 282 3300 or visit our website

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future