A Guide To Wellbeing Week 2023

Wellbeing Week face the future

Reset, recharge, and renew with some of your favourite brands this Wellbeing Week 2023! With exciting exclusives and a whole host of wellbeing experts set to join us, you won’t want to miss it.

Make You Time a priority and begin the year in a state of zen with our upcoming Wellbeing Week! Starting from today, we’ll be joining forces with some of our most-loved brands for exciting exclusives!

Join Us For Exclusive Videos And IG Lives With Wellbeing Experts 

We’re excited to be joined by the people behind some of your favourite brands during Wellbeing Week to bring you the scoop on the latest in beauty. From insider info on the products you love, to giving answers to your burning beauty questions, join us for a chat and join in the conversation.

Monday 16th January: An Introduction To Proto-col And The Importance Of Collagen For Your Health And Wellbeing With Proto-col Founder, James Greenwell

Proto-col focus on an inside-out approach to beauty and wellness with their beauty supplements, skincare, and wellbeing products that are formulated with collagen. Working to revitalise your body and skin from the inside out, Proto-col harnesses the power of collagen to support the way you look, feel, and move - helping you to feel healthy and full of vitality. 



We love Proto-col Beauty Collagen that helps to transform lacklustre hair, brittle nails, and dull skin with¬†VERISOL ¬ģ - a collagen peptide that directly targets your skin, along with hyaluronic acid. Maximising the hydration in your skin and promoting elasticity, you'll be left with a glowing complexion that comes from the inside.¬†

Proto-col Offers

Get 20% off Proto-col now! Plus, spend £50 sitewide and get a free Proto-col Beauty Collagen & HA sachet.

Proto-col Beauty Collagen

Tuesday 17th January 6pm: IG Live On How To Make Self-Care A Priority In 2023 With Dermalogica's Education Manager, Victoria Evans

With products backed by the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica empowers you to find a professional skincare solution no matter your skin's needs. With highly effective skincare tailored to meet your skin’s unique requirements, Dermalogica brings professional results to your home for healthier skin.

We love Dermalogica's The Personalized Skin Care Set that contains three of the brand's bestselling products. Designed to give your skin what it needs when it needs it, this cleanser, exfoliator, and serum duo helps to purify, brighten and cleanse your skin whilst tackling fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and redness. Embrace a healthy complexion in three simple steps with Dermalogica. 

Join us at 6pm over on Instagram. 

Dermalogica Offers

Get 20% off Dermalogica now, plus, buy 2 Dermalogica products and get a free Dermalogica Ultimate Cleansing Brush.


Dermalogica The Personalized Skin Care Set


Thursday 19th January 6pm: IG Live On Hair Loss & Your Wellbeing with Hairburst's Head of Product and Training, Scarlett Weston

Join us as we discuss hair loss and your wellbeing. By supporting your body from the inside, Hairburst's supplements contain innovative formulas designed to encourage healthy hair growth. With a complimentary range of hair products and accessories, Hairburst help you to get your healthiest, strongest, longest hair. 

We love Hairburst's Chewable Hair Vitamins. With a strawberry and blackcurrant flavour, these tasty gummies provide essential vitamins and minerals that are vital for healthy hair growth. Simpy take two a day to enjoy the benefits (and the great taste!)

Join us at 6pm over on Instagram. 

Hairburst Offers

Get 33% off Hairburst Self Care Essentials (including Mask Conditioner Hair Mask, Lash Serum, Baby Haircare Tamer, and the new Satin Pillowcase), also get 25% off the full Hairburst range. Spend £30 on Hairburst and get a free mini Hairburst Long & Healthy Hair Mask.

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins

Friday 20th January: IG Live on The Benefits Of Essential Oils For your Mind, Body, And Soul With Decléor Expert, Jenn

With luxurious, sensorial products that not only feel decadent to use but are effective too, Decléor products enhance your skin as well as your wellbeing. Discover luxury essential oil skincare formulas made from up to 95% natural origin and enjoy a moment of total relaxation. 

We love Decléor's Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Day Cream With Hyaluronic Acid. Re-energise your skin and embrace an instant glow with this radiance-enhancing formula that contains green mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils. 

Join us at 6pm over on Instagram. 

Decleor Offers

Get 20% off Decléor, and get a free Decléor Hydrate & Glow when you by two products from the Decléor collection.

Decléor Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Day Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

Enjoy Savings On More Of Your Favourite Brands


Centred around wellness and taking time for self-care, ESPA create naturally effective skincare products packed with marine extracts, plant extracts, and their famous, signature essential oils. Masters of helping you to create inner peace and a deep sense of contentment, ESPA bring all the relaxation and luxury of the spa right to the comfort of your own home. 

We love ESPA's Wellness Wonders Collection. Featuring nine wellbeing-boosting products along with a rose quartz Gua Sha tool, the Wellness Wonders Collection contains all you need to create a blissful routine to take care of your body and mind from daytime to evening. 

ESPA Offers

Get 25% off ESPA now, and get a free full size ESPA Smooth & Firm Body Butter when you spend £80 across the range.

ESPA Wellness Wonders Collection



Charged with MSM, the beauty mineral, OSKIA products are made using innovative biotechnology expertly combined with naturally derived ingredients, giving effective, luxurious skincare solutions that are kinder not only to your skin, but to the environment, too. 

We love OSKIA's Renaissance Mask - a revitalising mask specially designed to deliver long-term anti-ageing results. Embrace brighter, smoother and more youthful-looking skin. 

OSKIA Offers

Get 20% off OSKIA Now. Plus, get a free OSKIA Super C Vial when you spend £85 sitewide.

OSKIA Renaissance Mask


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We believe that gifts and surprises should be given all year round, so to put the cherry on top of our Wellbeing Week, we're going to be bringing you the opportunity to win incredible beauty bundles from some of our most in demand brands. With a whole host of beauty treasures up for grabs, keep an eye on our Instagram so you don't miss out on your big chance to win.  

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