A Facelift in a Bottle: Environ Revival Masque

A Facelift in a Bottle: Environ Revival Masque

If your skin’s feeling a little tired and dull like the weather this winter, why not try our brand new Environ Intensive Revival Masque, dubbed ‘a facelift in a bottle’ to brighten and energise it.

In the box… The mask comes in a beautiful glass pot, which makes it feel like you’re using something really special, which you are. You are also provided with a spatula for easy use and instructions. It’s really simple to use, you just apply thinly on to cleansed skin a couple of times a week or as often as you need and leave on for 20 minutes. The mask is translucent and lightweight on the skin, so as Dr. Des Fernandes (the founder of Environ skincare) suggests you can leave on overnight for a real moisture boost. After the 20 mins or when you wake up you just need to rinse the mask off and apply your usual skincare products.

The mask is for hydrating and for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, so perfect for anyone conscious about ageing or for those who feel like their skin needs something more intensive during the colder months. Fernandes recommends using the mask a couple of times a week to help improve the look of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

This week I have tried and tested this new mask and as a treat I asked if my mum would also like to give it a go. So here’s what we think…

Lucy, 25 years old.

I loved using this masque. I have used it twice, once for 20 minutes and once overnight. My skin feels noticeably softer and much more hydrated. As our skins tend to be drier in the winter it’s a must have to replenish the moisture lost. As I have a combination skin type I will probably be using this mask once a week throughout winter to keep my lipids up and keep my skin sheeny and glowing. It’s great as a preventative treatment against premature ageing.

Lucy’s mum, 58 years old.

My mum has used this mask twice, both times overnight. She has noticed her skin is also softer and remarked how well her make-up went on after using it. My mum has a reactive skin and has many allergies, so she was surprised that this mask felt comforting on her skin and had no adverse effects! Its quick and easy to use, with no mess, so fit in nicely to her night time skincare regime. The second night of using the mask, my mum treated herself to a mini facial, so after cleansing she incorporated the holiday skin exfoliant followed by the mask. The next day her skin was brighter and fresher looking and felt remarkably smooth.

Overall we both loved this product and it shows it’s suitable for many skin types. So why not treat yourself and plan your next pamper night? Face mask. Check…PJs. Check… Slippers. Check…Candles. Check. Hot chocolate. Check!

For more information you can also view the Environ Intensive Revival Masque in the online shop or contact us on 0113 282 7744.