Your clinic questions answered

Your clinic questions answered

We asked our front of house team some of the things they are asked on a daily basis by our patients. The same questions seemed to come up regularly, so we decided to put together a little FAQ blog to answer some of those burning issues.

Q: I'm currently taking antibiotics, can I have treatment?

A: If you have been recently taking or are taking antibiotics ALWAYS call clinic before your appointment, it may be that we cannot carry out treatment whilst you are taking them and you may be advised to wait a number of days/weeks to be clear of them before restarting treatment. If your treatment is a laser treatment the answer will definitely be a no as many antibiotics have the side effect of light sensitivity, which can mean complications with treatment.Your clinician will always ask prior to treatment if you have any changes in your medication but to save any unnecessary journeys or wasted appointments please call our reception on 0113 282 3300 with any changes and our reception staff will be happy to help.

Q: I am pregnant, is it still OK to have treatment?

A: Yes we do offer treatments here in clinic for our pregnant patients however if you are currently undergoing laser treatment we would advise to inform your clinician and to stop treatment. Your clinician will be able to discuss with you when it is advisable to return back to treatment.We always advise our patients undergoing any form of treatment to let your clinician know before treatment if you are pregnant so that we can ensure treatment is safe and the homecare products you are using are suitable.

Q: Do you treat patients under 16?

A: Yes we do, depending on the treatment required there are a number of treatments we can offer to patients under 16 with parental consent. We offer a free consultation for you to discuss your specific requirements here in clinic with one of our specialists. Some of the treatments can be a little uncomfortable and so may be harder to tolerate at a younger age, however we look at each individual case and what treatment is required within consultation before booking any treatment.

Q: I am currently using a Vitamin A within my routine can I wax or thread my eyebrows?

A: We would always advise patients to notify the person doing the waxing of their current skin regime. If you are using a vitamin A or a retinol we would suggest that you stop using your product for 3 days before you have any area waxed or threaded to avoid any chance of pigmentation or damage to the skin. If in doubt, always ask our reception and we can advise what to do or not to do.

Q: Can I use Sunbeds?

A: This is a big NO! The majority of treatments and products used in clinic and at home are strong and contain active ingredients. Often the skin can become hypersensitive to the sun or rays from the sunbed meaning an increased risk of burning. Over exposure to any light, natural or from sunbeds can often cause the skin to burn resulting in a high chance of pigmentation, premature ageing and skin cancers. A tan on the skin also needs to be taken into consideration when having laser treatments. Laser are attracted to the pigment in the skin meaning if there is a change in the skin tone this can heighten the chance of burning. We always advise clients against treatment if they have an active tan or when using false tan products.If you have any questions you would like answered by the clinic team, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0113 282 3300.

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