Skin Tightening & Scar Reduction with EndyMed Intensif

Skin Tightening & Scar Reduction with EndyMed Intensif

This rejuvenating skin treatment combines microneedling with radio frequency to deliver incredible results! Not only is it great at boosting skin's own collagen production - helping to keep you looking younger for longer - it's also having fantastic results when treating scarring. Want to know more about EndyMed Intensif? Read on to hear from our very own expert clinician, Kimberley

At our CQC regulated clinic we see many patients with scarring, this skin concern can be very detrimental to a patient's wellbeing, and for the majority of our clients, this is due to scarring left behind post-acne.

How does EndyMed Intensif work?

EndyMed Intensif offers an exciting solution for acne scars, stretchmarks, deep wrinkles and improving general skin texture. Here's how the treatment worksThis treatment works by delivering radio frequency three layers deep into the skin using unique, non-insulated needles and fractionated pulse mode technology. In simple terms, this microneedling action stimulates skin's own production of collagen to plump out scars and wrinkles.

Depending on each individual patient's scar severity or skin tightening concerns, our expert clinicians will recommend a course of between three to six treatments, each spaced four to six weeks apart.

Our patient in the image above contacted skincare expert Caroline Hirons, who recommended EndyMed to help improve her scarring. She then got in touch with us at Face the Future and we put together a comprehensive treatment plan using EndyMed Intensif. This patient in particular, treated by Kimberley, achieved these fantastic results after just two treatments! As you can imagine, she is delighted with the results so far.

EndyMed Intensif: step-by-step

If you are suffering from post-acne scarring, enlarged pores or wanting to rejuvenate and tighten your complexion, EndyMed Intensif may be the treatment for you. At Face the Future we take patient safety, and of course patient results, very seriously, so the first step is to book a free consultation with our expert clinicians who assess your skin and then make informed recommendations based on the results of the consultation.

If EndyMed Intensif is for you, this is what the treatment entails

  • Step 1 - first we apply numbing cream to the areas to be treated, this is to ensure the treatment becomes virtually pain free.
  • Step 2 - the numbing cream is on for around thirty minutes, so you can sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a magazinebliss!
  • Step 3 - the EndyMed Intensif treatment lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the areas to be treated.
  • Step 4 - the treatment is comfortable, with patients only ever commenting on slight sensitivity on the top lip.
  • Step 5 - once the treatment is complete, skin will feel tight and warm, similar to the feeling of mild sunburn but the downtime is very minimal.
  • Recovery - thanks to the short downtime period, you can continue with your normal routine and activities around 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Result - skin is left feeling fresh and glowing!

The EndyMed Intensif is £300 per session, for more information about this treatment or to book your free consultation with one of our specialist clinicians, call the clinic on 0113 282 7744 or email

Written for you by: Kimberley, Face the Future

Image source: @confessions_of_skincare, Instagram

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