Pigmentation Series: Mesoestetic Tran3x & Microneedling

Pigmentation Series: Mesoestetic Tran3x & Microneedling

Pigmentation - whether is has been induced hormonally with skin conditions such as melasma and chloasma or acquired post-injury or trauma, often post-acne - is one of the most difficult skin disorders to treat.

There are some amazing depigmentation systems available but they often involve significant downtime, which not everyone has the time or inclination to undertake.

We've been seeing Tranexamic Acid gain popularity over a number of years, to now becoming one of the most popular active ingredients for treating skin discolouration. This clever synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine has now got its feet firmly under the table when it comes to controlling these stubborn pigmentation disorders.

Tranexamic Acid suppresses plasmin, an enzyme that causes inflammation in the skin, which in turn can trigger an excessive melanin cascade, leading to unwanted areas of pigmentation. Tranexamic Acid offers visible and often significant improvements to these areas of pigmentation and is surprisingly easy to use, unlike some of the more traditional methods available.

Always at the forefront of research into pigmentation solutions, Spanish Pharmaceutical Company, Mesoestetic has a phenomenal Research and Development team, developing a variety of products that act on excess epidermal pigmentation, of any origin, in any skin type, without downtime.

Not only does Mesoestetic offer home care products, but also impressive in-clinic treatments to tackle this stubborn and frustrating skin disorder.

How we use Tranexamic Acid in-clinic:

Utilising the power of Tranexamic Acid, we use a combination of peels alongside innovative microneedling protocols with the addition of Mesoestetic's unique Depigmentation Solution. We have achieved fantastic patient results with this combination of treatment procedures.

Perfect for patients with melasma/chloasma and stubborn areas of pigmentation, sundamage or hyper-pigmented scars, this combination of treatments helps to achieve a bright, even toned complexion with a healthy vibrant skin.

Following a free in-clinic consultation, where our expert clinicians assess each patient's skin and symptoms, we usually recommend a course of treatments, which are priced between £600 to £800 including home care products to achieve the best possible results.

Do you suffer from pigmentation or skin discolouration?

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Written for you by: Kate, Face the Future

Image source: freepik.com

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