Mesoestetic Energy C Treatment

Mesoestetic Energy C Treatment

This exciting new facial treatment has arrived at Face the Future and we can't wait for you to try it! This advanced yet relaxing treatment provides clear results with absolutely no downtime and can even be completed during a lunch break to leave your skin feeling nourished, revitalised and brighter. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Read on to find out more

What does the treatment do & how long does it take?

The Mesoestetic Energy C Facial takes approximately 30 minutes and is designed to offer your skin the powerful and brightening antioxidant action of high strength, professional Vitamin C, in combination with an energising and rejuvenating massage technique.

How will it help my skin?

The double antioxidant and brightening action of the Energy C Facial utilises professional strength Vitamin C to neutralise and protect skin against damaging free radicals. It also helps to regenerate skin's cell membrane, which in turn supports and strengthen skin's natural defences against accelerated ageing caused by external aggressors when applied topically to skin. This offers 30 x the therapeutic effect on the skin than taking Vitamin C orally. The treatment works as an effective preventative measure and also repairs any damage already caused by UV light.

What happens during the treatment?

During the treatment the face and neck are prepared by gently cleansing the skin and removing any surface residue that may be left behind by makeup or any SPF applied before the treatment.Next the clinician will apply the highly concentrated Vitamin C serum using various innovative and energising massage techniques. The different massage techniques help to encourage the ingredients to penetrate skin's layers for an energising and awakening effect on the skin, which helps to boost skin's natural renewal process.Following the massage a Vitamin C sheet mask is applied which uses 3D Nano fibre technology to offer an instant lift and further nourishing effects on the skin.Finally at the end of the treatment the skin is protected again with a layer of SPF.

How often should I have the treatment?

The Energy C Facial can be completed as a one off treatment, or for enhanced results it can be completed on a monthly basis alongside a homecare routine for boosted brightening and rejuvenating effects.

How can I ensure my results last?

The clinician can prescribe a bespoke skincare regime tailored to your skin, but you can also choose from the Mesoestetic Energy C range of products to further support the results of your Energy C Facial.The Energy C Facial is available for just £69, we have limited availability, so book your appointment today.

For more information about the Energy C Facial or the products that can be used alongside the treatment to enhance results, please call our clinic reception team on 0113 282 3300.

Written for you by: Suzanne, Face the Future

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