Laura's Story: How Acnelan Transformed My Skin

Laura's Story: How Acnelan Transformed My Skin

I've suffered with mild acne all through my teenage years and after having a consultation with my clinician at Face the Future, I was informed that my acne was a mixture of hormonal (common in teenagers due to hormonal changes within the body) and cosmetics damage, due to a mixture of all the high street cosmetic products I had used on my skin in the past. This was a shock as I had always thought products such as Simple, Clearasil and Clinique were benefitting my skin, however the combination was doing the opposite. Everyone at Face The Future was lovely and made me feel beautiful even when I felt like the most unattractive person in the world. They really opened my eyes about my skin care regime.

Why Acnelan?

Before Laura's skin before treatment
As a new client to any form of skin clinic, at first I was torn between the multiple treatment options that were available. I chose the Acnelan treatment as I'd read reviews written by people all around the world that have had this treatment done before and had great, quick results. Being 17 and working part time in a pub, it was important for me to get the best results in the shortest time.

The first treatment

I had my first treatment in early October. I had no idea what to expect but I was told the treatment would sting a bit... no kidding! I won't lie, it's a hot and stingy process but only lasted three minutes at the most and it was over before I knew it. After the treatment, the clinician placed a Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask on my face; it was ice cold and felt amazing. I left the clinic that day with a hot, red and patchy face but was told it's important to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it.

After the first treatment

My face was red and slightly sore for the next two days but after that it was fine and didn't hurt at all. Once the redness on my face had gone down a significant amount, it became very dry and tight and I began to peel a lot. Again, this wasn't a very attractive stage for me and it made it pointless to wear make up as it would peel off pretty much straight away.

How long does the peeling last after the first treatment?

The peeling stage lasted just under a week and after this I was able to wear make up again to make myself feel more comfortable.

My biggest question "What about make up?!"

I was advised to change my liquid foundation, which often blocks up the skin's pores, and switch to a mineral formula to avoid this. As my skin was not completely healed, it still appeared and felt quite dry, but as acne prone skin is commonly created through excess oil, I saw this as a great positive.Laura's skin during the treatment process Laura's skin during the treatment process

What does your skin feel like after the treatment?

The best way to describe how this peel feels is that the treatment heats your skin excessively and then through living your day to day life it will cool down and peel, exfoliating itself and getting rid of all the dead skin causing the acne problem. It's a bit like getting sunburn and peeling afterwards, but instead of it been a long process over the course of your holiday and upon your return, this all happened for me in less than a week.

What products do I use?

A big thing I have learned through this experience is that all any skin care regime needs is four things: A good cleanser that doesn't strip the skin (I use the Mesoestetic Purifying Mousse), Vitamin A to repair and normalise the skin (my favourite is Mesoestetic's Acne One, but I also take the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Accumax supplements that also contain vitamin A).The next thing is a sunscreen, an absolute must for any regime, but especially after clinical procedures. I couldn't believe this when I was informed that 90% of skin damage is created by UVA/UVB rays, making sunscreen a must to wear through the day, even in cold weather. The right sunscreen can act as a hydrator and sit lightly underneath make-up. I use Mesoestetic Moisturising Sun Protection, which is perfect if if you're a make-up addict like me.Finally, I was advised to start using a vitamin C serum on a morning once my acne has fully cleared up. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin and brightens the skin tone, so will help me to regain a radiant and even complexion. Vitamin C can worsen breakouts when applied to active acne, so I'm waiting until I have completed my Acnelan course before taking up this step.I also take Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets as an added bonus for my skin as they are fantastic for overall skin health and hydration of the skin. They are really affordable but give great results.

How I feel now?

I truly believe that my experience at Face the Future has changed me as a person; I now understand myLaura's skin after treatment Laura's skin after treatment skin and for the first time, I love it. I still have my same old acne-prone skin but it's now under control and I constantly get compliments from my family, colleagues and friends about how great my skin looks.As I've previously said, the treatment is uncomfortable and slightly painful. The first few days afterwards can be quite sore and the peeling goes on for what feels like forever. However, it's the best thing I've ever done and I'm super excited for my next in clinic treatment. Although there's a short time of negatives, I can honestly say it's very much worth it and I would highly recommend it to anybody, whether you're a teenager or an adult, a male or a female struggling with acne. I can happily say I've gained back the confidence I used to have and everybody notices the difference. I actually get compliments for wearing less make-up which is unbelievable! So thank you Face The Future and Mesoestetic's Acnelan treatment for giving me the confidence and ability to feel beautiful in my skin.This guest post was written for you by one of our lovely clients, Laura.

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