Clinic News: Our Trip to Mesoestetic HQ in Barcelona

Clinic News: Our Trip to Mesoestetic HQ in Barcelona

You may remember last year we visited the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. Famous for the cosmopolitan nightlife, fresh paella and sweet sangria but did you know it is also the home of one of our favourite skin brands, Mesoestetic? Our trip to the pharmaceutical factory last year gave us an incredible insight into the brains behind the brand and the unbelievable team that work day and night to create the creams that live on our bathroom shelf. We were thrilled to receive another invite to go back and check out the new product lines for 2017.

The trip was arranged by the UK directors, Adam and Sandra Birtwistle, to coincide with the recent launch of Mesoestetic Genesis. All eyes were on the new multi-function aesthetic device that is sending waves through the skincare world.

Day 1

5.00am and it's an early wake up call. What do aestheticians do at 5 in the morning? Reach for coffee, for pure antioxidant purposes of course. We headed over to the airport to catch an early morning flight. Short haul or not, humidity when flying is around 20% which can cause dehydration and breakouts, so in true aesthetician style we stocked up on the collagen shots and hyaluronic face masks for the journey (be prepared for a few odd looks, but it's worth it for skin preservation!)We arrived in Barcelona just in time for lunch in the sunshine. SPF ready and it was time to enjoy the afternoon exploring this vibrant and cultural city. An early night was in order, ready for a busy day in training tomorrow. As a regular traveller I have managed to pick up a few skin saving tips along the way. Hotel air conditioning can cause dehydration, so try limiting your use and turn it off at night if possible. It's also important to stock up on the water supplies, rehydrating after the plane journey and change in temperatures is key to keeping your skin looking fresh.

Day 2

Brains switched on, we are ready to digest a morning of information. We headed out early doors and travelled to the Mesoestetic Pharma Group's head office just outside Barcelona. We were greeted by Carles Font Martin, the Export Area Manager and son of the company's founder, Joan Carles Font.The building is impressive to say the least; standing at 8,500 square meters, it's one of the largest facilities of its kind and is the central hub for all the company's clinical research and development.As Mesoestetic is a pharmaceutical company the products are developed with the purest active ingredients. This enables them to produce drugs and cosmetics for the use of doctors, as well as safe and effective treatments for use by aesthetic practitioners. The homecare products that sit in our cupboards today are produced to the same standards as the medical treatment lines.The development process begins with the testing of human cells with raw materials to measure their efficacy without the need to test on animals. This ensures an exceptional level of quality and effectiveness of the products. Although the building is impressive, it's the passion, knowledge and research from the geniuses in the white coats that have left me in awe.

Humble beginnings

The incredible journey began over 30 years ago when the company was founded in 1984 by Font in a small family run pharmacy in central Barcelona. Font said, “We started to design our own cosmetics. We aspired to create products that years later would become essential for doctors and aesthetic professionals.This passion and commitment has led the brand to expand and develop to the global company it is today. In fact, Mesoestetic exports to over 80 countries worldwide and as a company they are aware of the ever-changing market, striving to be at the forefront of advances in the cosmetic field. The company invests 40% of revenue back into research to continuously improve formulas and developments.It was once again an incredible experience to see the step-by-step process behind the brand's development. I have been using Mesoestetic products on my clients for quite some time and the results we can achieve are outstanding. It gives me comfort knowing I have all the clinical data, research and investment to back me up when treating patients with these cosmeceuticals.

For more information on the Mesoestetic product range, call our skincare advisors on 0113 282 7744.

To find out more about their range of facial treatments, call our clinic on 0113 282 3300.

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