Age Management: Non-Surgical Alternatives

Age Management: Non-Surgical Alternatives

Eventually we all hit an age where our skin doesn't look or feel like it did 10 years ago. It's at this time when people turn to Face the Future for advice. For patients looking to improve their appearance and changing skin, we offer completely bespoke and tailored recommendations.

For some, just a simple change in a skincare routine is needed and the introduction of a few key active ingredients. Products containing Vitamins A and C are essential for achieving a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

For others patients, a little clinical intervention may be required in the form of treatments. Aesthetic treatments are becoming a popular alternative to surgery due to the option of tailor made programmes available to 'wake up' skin with a natural and graceful outcome.The key areas of concern with age management are fine lines and wrinkles commonly placed above the top lip and around the eyes.

A loss of volume and sagging skin due to decreased elasticity and skin texture is another common complaint.With many of these concerns, injectable treatments such as Botox and filler are thought of as the 'quick fix' solution. In some cases they are required, however there are many other alternatives if you're a little shy of the needle!In clinic, we don't always look at Botox and fillers as the first solution and pride ourselves on the number of alternative treatments we offer to help your skin boost its natural collagen and elastin production.Whether it's sagging skin, fine lines or wrinkles we have compiled a list of our most popular non-surgical solutions. Here is a breakdown of our top favourites in clinic this month

EndyMed 3 Deep Radio Frequency

Best for: tightening and sculpting

We recommend patients a course of 6 treatments over an 8-week timeframe. The treatment is ideal for lax skin in the cheek, jowl and neck area as well as around the eyes. It works by delivering controlled and focused radio frequency to stimulate the cells and encourage the production of collagen. The benefits of this treatment are non-invasive tightening and lifting without having to go under the knife.

EndyMed Intensif

Best for: Deep wrinkles and scarring

This combined treatment of radio frequency and medical needling is fantastic at targeting tired and ageing skin. Areas of deep wrinkles and scars on face can be effectively treated to repair and even out damaged skin texture.With needling treatments improvement can be seen over 6-12 weeks as the body's production of collagen takes effect and new skin is created.A course of treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the condition. However, minimal downtime is needed with no more than a day or two of redness.

EndyMed Fractional

Best for: wrinkles in hard to treat areas like eyes & top lip

This treatment is similar to the EndyMed Intensif, however it is recommended to target the hard to treat areas of fine lines closes to the eye and above the top lip. It is a great method for resurfacing skin tissue and promoting tightening of tissue as well as a reduction in fine lines.

PRX-T33 “ the 'no-peel peel'

Best for: ageing neck

New to clinic this year, the PRX-T33 is receiving rave reviews with our patients.This new technique offers bio-rejuvenation to improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles on the neck. The initial peel includes two aftercare products that are used to help aid the process of the new 'no-peel peel' and with little downtime. Clients are seeing dramatic results after the first peel and continued improvement with following peels.

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