Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

A bio-identical hormone has the same chemical and molecular structure as the naturally occurring hormone produced in the body.

Bio-Identical hormones are 100% identical to the chemical structure of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone found in the human body. As a result they fit their hormone receptor sites perfectly, so their messages are translated properly and their effects are more consistent with the normal biochemistry of the body.

Treatments with naturally occurring hormones are considered true hormones replacement therapies, whereas hormone treatment with synthetic hormones should be considered a hormone substitution therapy.

There is a growing public demand for hormones that are obtained from a plant source and are bio-identical.

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BHRT is the use of Bio-Identical hormones to replace and rebalance the body’s hormones during the changes leading up to menopause (and andropause in men) and beyond.

At Face the Future we also use BHRT as a treatment for hormonal conditions such as hormonally mediated acne.

The Bio-Identical hormones often prescribed are estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA.

An initial thorough consultation and blood tests are carried out and once the results have been assessed, a prescription is written for your individual needs. Treatment is usually in the form of creams, lozenge or pessary.

Results you can expect:

At Face the Future, we particularly consider hormone changes going into peri menopause and beyond and the effect these symptoms can have on general skin health and well being. Increased levels of anxiety, poor sleep patterns, lack of energy, lack of libido and hot flashes are the most common symptoms, often leading to an increase in stress and unnecessary worry.

Bio-Identical Hormones can help rebalance, restore and improve symptoms related to these hormonal changes and significantly improve quality of life.

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