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Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C



An antioxidant solution combining ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and mineral salts, with a base of hyaluronic acid.

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Providing a brightening and antioxidant action with Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop.

Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN Chigh vitamin C concentration gives it the following properties:

Double antioxidant action: neutralises free radicals of cells supplying electrons, and participates in the regeneration of alpha-tocopherol, the active form of vitamin E, essential for protecting the cell lipid membrane.

UVA and UVB photoprotector: by neutralising free radicals, vitamin C fulfils both a preventative and a pallative action of the oxidising damage of ultraviolet radiation in epidermal cells.

Brightness: lightens the face and improves pigment lesions of various origins.  Upon neutralising copper, it inactivates tyrosinase, thus fulfilling a prevention action on the formation of hyperpigmentations.

Promoter of collagen synthesis: vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis by activating its regulating gene (transcriptional effect) and acting as a co-factor in the hydroxylation of pro-collagen I and III, precusors of dermal collagen. It is also involved in the synthesis of major components of the extracellular matrix in the connective tissue and in the activation of peptide hormones and the catabolism of tyrosine.

Particularly suited for face, neck and neckline to take the skin to eudermal conditions; back of the hands to treat sun lentigo; scalp for seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Benefits of Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C

  • Provides the skin with a UVA and UVB photoprotector
  • Helps to combat melisma & dull skin
  • Firms the skin
  • Perfect to combat hair loss due to seborrhoeic dermatitis

How to use:

Apply with fingertips or dermaroller.THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY.

Size: 20 x 5ml

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Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C

Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C

An antioxidant solution combining ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and mineral salts, with a base of hyaluronic acid.

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Ingredients for Mesoestetic Mesohyal VITAMIN C:

Sodium hyaluronate2.5mg/ml

Vitamin: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Mineral salts: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium sulphite, sodium edetate

Solvent: water f.i.:s.q.f. 5 ml

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