Retriderm Vitamin A Skin Starter Pack

Retriderm Vitamin A Skin Starter Pack

The current ETA for new stock of Retriderm is early 2021, in the meantime please view our full selection of Retinol products.

Retriderm Vitamin A Skin Starter Pack reduces the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. Read more

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The current ETA for new stock of Retriderm is early 2021, in the meantime please view our full selection of Retinol products.

Retriderm Vitamin A Skin Starter Pack reduces the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. The latest packaging of Retriderm, as featured on BBC One’s “The Truth About…Looking Good”, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop.

This pack contains both the 0.5% Retriderm Serum and 1.0% Retriderm Serum.

Retriderm provides Vitamin A with Attitude, due to its unique patent pending protein-rich formulation. Retriderm offers a highly effective alternative to prescription strength retinoids. Cosmeceutical strength retinoids are often ineffective. Retriderm is different. Retriderm delivers a patient-friendly cosmeceutical-strength retinoid with enhanced absorption for increased effectiveness.

Benefits of Retriderm Vitamin A Skin Starter Pack:

  • Contains 0.5% retinol and 0.1% retinol serums
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Tightens & firms
  • Improves luminosity

The science of Retriderm harnesses the power of Vitamin A to provide clinically advanced Vitamin A skin regeneration.

Vitamin A is known to be essential to healthy skin, it promotes the production and differentiation of skin cells and has been clinically proven to regenerate ageing and sun damaged skin.

Retriderm harnesses this natural power and provides Retinol, a bioavailable form of Vitamin A that is naturally consumed in our diet and available within our body, in a unique patent pending protein-rich serum that optimises its stability and bio-availability in our skin.

To help the Retinol do its job the expert Retriderm protein-rich serum formulation also contains, collagen and elastin two essential skin proteins, hyaluronic acid another essential skin constituent and Vitamin E to add anti-oxidant protection. But fundamentally Retriderm is all about getting the skin-essential Retinol “to go to work”, regenerating your skin from the surface and within and that’s why it is known as Vitamin A with Attitude!

Internationally renowned Dermatologists have tried and tested Retriderm so you can be confident you are using a specialist product that is clinically proven to fight the visible signs of ageing and sun damage and produce significant improvements in the appearance of your skin.

Retriderm is proven in clinical studies and assessments to provide clinically significant skin improvement after only 4 weeks daily use. Ongoing daily use provides further significant improvement and its long-term use is highly recommended.

How to Use:

If you haven't use Retriderm before use 0.5% first before using 1.0%. For more sensitive skin with less age and sun damage, as step 1 in a Retriderm step-up programme.

Thoroughly cleanse and dry skin, use 3 pumps for entire face, neck & chest, wait 3 - 5 minutes before applying other products (moisturiser), evening application only as its use can increase UV sensitivity.

Highly recommended to use high level broad spectrum UV protection daily such as Heliocare.

Size: 30ml x 2

Please Note:

This product contains Vitamin A. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or considering becoming pregnant we recommend that you do not use this product.Please also be aware that Vitamin A helps to normalise skin cell activity, and as such increases the production of new skin cells. This may provide some short-term dryness. If irritation or persistent dryness occurs, reduce the frequency of application while the skin returns to normal, then resume use, building back up to the recommended usage.

Always read and follow the directions for use on the product packaging.Vitamin A can also make the skin more sensitive to daylight, always apply high level, broad spectrum sun protection such as Heliocare 360 ̊ to the skin every morning to prevent any inflammation and damage that can occur as a result of this increased sensitivity.

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