Proto-col Joint+

Proto-col Joint+
Proto-col Joint+
Proto-col Joint+
Proto-col Joint+

This formulation is specifically designed to promote mobility by supporting strong, active joints. Each serving of Proto-col Joint+ delivers 3000mg of optimised collagen peptides that work by activating new cartilage growth. Read more

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Not just for joint pain, Proto-col Joint+ is ideal if you want to give your joints extra care for better mobility. The clinically-proven collagen peptides improve the integrity of cartilage tissue to help you move easily. 

Benefits of Proto-col Joint+:

  • Promotes strong & active joints
  • Optimised to regenerate & rebuild cartilage tissue
  • Gluten free, dairy free & lactose free
  • Formulated with 3000mg of optimised collagen peptides

Formulated with 3000mg of optimised collagen peptides, Proto-col Joint+ activates new cartilage growth. When taken daily, this accumulates in the cartilage and helps joints to become smooth and mobile.

Take care of your future joint health with this collagen formula that gives your joints extra care for better mobility. 

How to use:

Take 3 tablets with water at bedtime daily. This jar contains 90 tablets/30 servings. 

Proto-col Joint+ can also be taken in partnership with Proto-col Osteo+, a joint pain supplement designed to target the symptoms of weakened joints.

Size: 90 tablets (30 servings)

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about Proto-col Joint+:

  • Support joint health & mobility
  • Helps joints become smooth & mobile
  • Formulated with 3000mg of optimised collagen peptides

As my job is desk based and I spend the majority of my time sat down, I’m conscious that I want to future proof my joint health. 

Since taking Proto-col Joint+ I have noticed that my body feels more flexible and comfortable, even after long periods of sitting down. 

I’d recommend this supplement to anyone wanting to ensure their joint health for the future.”

Antony, Face the Future