PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask

PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask
PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask
PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask

PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask is the next generation of flexible LED face masks. Improve hydration, texture and imperfections after just one session from the comfort of your own home! Read More

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PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask rest directly on skin and is flexible so it contours perfectly to each face. Just one 10-minute session will leave your skin glowing, hydrated and looking youthful. This is a clinically proven treatment that is non-invasive with no downtime and that can be used on the go. 

Benefits of PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask: 

  • Perfect for on-the-go use
  • No downtime with visible results after one session!
  • Flexible to fit all faces!

PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask has been developed using red and infrared technology. These together have been clinically proven to improve hydration, signs of ageing and texture for a more youthful and radiant complexion at the touch of a button.

The red light (633nm) and near-infrared light (830nm) improve blood flow, stimulate collagen and boost elastin production. The mask is incredibly lightweight and flexible so it can be used comfortably and ensures that the maximum amount of light hits skin to improve tone, texture and fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • 95% of users said their skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness was improved
  • 96% experienced less visible lines with a decrease in the wrinkles
  • 95% experienced skin tone and texture improvement
  • 95% experienced brighter and plumper skin
  • 98% experienced firmer skin
  • Proven to stimulate collagen and elastin, while improving blood flow
  • Non-invasive and no downtime
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery so you can use on the go.

How to use: 

  • Charge the portable battery
  • Unplug from the wall*
  • Press and hold the start button
  • Mask will turn off automatically
  • Use for 10 minutes daily, or 3-5x per week for optimal results
  • Wipe down your mask after each use with an antibacterial wipe or spray that is skin safe

*mask must be unplugged from wall to work 

Size:  One Size

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What We Say

Read what our skin experts think about PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask:

  • Great to use on the go
  • Soothes problematic skin 
  • Innovative next gen technology 

“PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask is the next generation of flexible LED face mask. This rests directly on your skin and fits the contours of the face perfectly. I absolutely love to use this LED mask as it is convenient, effective and non-invasive. 

I use this mask 5 times per week as not only does it improve skin hydration, texture and signs of ageing, I find that the PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask soothes problematic skin and brightens as well. An added benefit is that this LED mask is relaxing and provides light therapy as well. With continued use, I have noticed that my skin is firmer and brighter, as well as a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines and an improvement in texture. I highly recommend you try the PRIORI Unveiled LED Mask as this addresses many skin concerns!”

Kate, Face the Future