MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster

MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster
MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster

This lightweight retinol night serum contains 2% encapsulated Vitamin A to smooth, rebuild and strengthen skin. The innovative micro-encapsulation enhances penetration of the serum and helps to target skin cells where it would provide most benefit. Read More

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Vitamin A enriched resurfacing treatment with MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop 

This powerful retinol serum helps to re-densify, smooth and repair skin’s surface. Formulated with 2% encapsulated Vitamin A, which works to increase the rate of skin cell turnover, this serum enhances collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as brighten the complexion.

Retinol Skin Booster contains an encapsulated form of Retinol. This easily absorbed form is used for its anti ageing properties. It increases the rate of skin turnover, and gives an increase in collagen. Retinol has a powerful antioxidant action against free radicals and is essential in many biochemical reactions carried out in the cell.

Vitamin A normalises cellular DNA resulting in healthier cells and an overall smoother appearance of skin. Vitamin A is essential for normal activity of skin cells and regulation of their growth and prevents and reverses photo-ageing.

Vitamin A is easily degraded by light and air, photosensitive vitamin A in the skin is also degraded by UV light so it is essential to replace on a daily basis. Replacing vitamin A through diet with food such as liver, carrots and spinach can take several days compared to around 3 hours by topical application. 

When using MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster or any other Vitamin A product, it is important to ensure you use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or more sunscreen every day. 

Benefits of MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster:

  • 2% encapsulated Vitamin A
  • Resurfacing treatment serum
  • Smoothes & rebuilds skin’s surface
  • Combats signs of ageing & aids skin’s natural repair system
  • Improves skin texture & tone
  • Stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity & firmness

How to use: 

This retinol-based serum should be used gradually to allow skin to become accustomed. Start by using twice a week for the first few weeks, before increasing to nightly use. 

For seasoned retinol users, apply 1 pipette nightly to treat face, eye contour and neck. Increase to 2 pipettes for the décolletage and 3 for arms, shoulders and hands. 

For evening use only. 

Avoid eye contact, if contact occurs rinse with water. When using retinol, a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or above sunscreen is essential.

Not suitable for those who are pregnant.

Size: 20ml

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