Eylure Body Tape

Eylure Body Tape
Eylure Body Tape
Eylure Body Tape
Eylure Body Tape

A pack of pre-shaped body tape containing 27 pieces that is discreet and effectively sticks to your skin for guaranteed comfort and longlasting wear. Read more

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Double sided, Eylure Body Tape is the perfect answer to making your favourite items of clothing completely wearable. Body Tape will effectively and securely adhere any type of garment to your body, helping to prevent any unwanted gaping or embarrassment. Pre-shaped for maximum versatility, each pack contains 27 curved and straight pieces that are perfectly created to be worn with all items of clothing. Before applying, ensure that skin is clean, dry and free from moisturisers. 

Benefits of Eylure Body Tape:

  • Pre-shaped for maximum versatility
  • Double-sided
  • Securely adheres all types of garments

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