Eneomey Light Renew Gel

Eneomey Light Renew Gel
Eneomey Light Renew Gel
Eneomey Light Renew Gel
Eneomey Light Renew Gel

Providing visible results on your skin after 3 weeks, Eneomey's Light Renew Gel helps to regulate skin pigmentation, lighten spots and even skin tone. This depigmenting gel treats all spots at different stages of their development for smooth, even and radiant skin. Read more

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Eneomey's Light Renew Gel helps reduce the symptoms of different signs of ageing including pigmentation, age spots, melasma, pregnancy mask, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and acne scars thanks to a unique combination of acids and the brand's patented Lumilight Peptide.   

Benefits Of Eneomey Light Renew Gel:

  • Regulates skin pigmentation
  • Lightens spots and evens out the skin tone
  • Acts on all spots, at all the different stages of their development 

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid (10%)
  • Phytic Acid (4%)
  • Mandelic Acid (2%)

Pigmentation spots are the third most pressing skin concern for women. Most visibly on the forehead, cheeks, hands and décolleté, these spots appear overtime and are commonly caused by UV damage, age or hormones. Supercharged with a powerful combination of three acids including Glycolic and Mandelic Acid, this lightweight skin renewing gel gently exfoliates and smooths your skin. Eneomey's Light Renew Gel has been expertly formulated with their patented Lumilight Peptide to help lighten spots, revealing a more even, brighter complexion.

How To Use:

Apply to the area to be treated every other evening when beginning the treatment. Then morning and/or evening if well tolerated, for 3 months. Make sure you use upwards strokes from the bottom to the top of your face to stimulate blood flow and tone facial muscles.

Size: 30ml

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