Codex Beauty Labs Bia Skin Superfood - Mini

Codex Beauty Labs Bia Skin Superfood - Mini

This mini version of Codex Beauty's award-winning hydration hero is developed with Immortelle and Comfrey to help restore the skin barrier, banish flakiness and rejuvenate the complexion. Read more

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The mini version of Codex Beauty Lab's Skin Superfood protects the skin barrier and banishes flakiness using breakthrough biotech ingredients like their patented BiaComplex™ to soothe, hydrate, rejuvenate and keep skin healthy.

Clinically proven to soften and calm irritation, Codex Beauty Lab's Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood uses key actives like Omega-3, Vitamin B12, and potent antioxidants to hydrate, promote a more even skin tone, and increase moisture retention on the face, hands, and body. Ideal for dry, flaky, itchy skin, clinical data results determined that 90% of subjects measured a 42% hydration increase, 100% experienced a 40% decrease in skin flakiness, and 77% experienced a 13% decrease in transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Benefits of Codex Beauty Lab's Bia Skin Superfood:

  • Restoring
  • Softening
  • Calming

Key Ingredients:

  • IMMORTELLE: Hydrates and rejuvenates
  • COMFREY: Keeps skin healthy
  • MARSH MALLOW: Soothes skin

Keep your hands, body and face nourished and hydrated with Codex Beauty Lab's Bia Skin Superfood. Formulated with their patented, potent BiaComplex™ formula, this soothing cream re-hydrates the skin and is clinically proven to smooth, soften and promote a more even skin tone. Perfect for all skin types, this moisturising cream is especially great for dry, itchy or flaky skin. 

How to use:

Apply as needed with a gentle massaging motion. Can be used daily, on all skin types.

Size: 20ml

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