Calecim Professional Serum

Calecim Professional Serum

Utilising innovative stem cell technology, this light serum contains high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which work to promote cell signaling peptides and activate tissue renewal. Read More

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Calm, soothe and restore skin post-procedure with Calecim Professional Serum, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop.

Amplify skin’s natural restoration process following in-clinic procedures that can leave skin swollen, red, sensitised and traumatised. Calecim Professional Serum delivers an instant calming, soothing and restoring action upon application to skin, helping to achieve improved aesthetic results post-procedure.

Skin cells produce protein growth factors to encourage skin cell communication. The proteins created by stem cells are especially important as they work to actively repair and regenerate skin for a rejuvenated complexion. However, ageing skin has a reduced number of working stem cells, so skin repair and regeneration is compromised.

The lightweight Calecim Professional Serum is formulated with high concentrations of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which contains Soluble Collagen, Albumin, Fibronectin, Hyaluronic Acid and Consolidated Peptides.

Derived from a patented source of umbilical cord lining stem cells, Rejuvenating Conditioned Mediaworks by providing a nutrient-rich microenvironment to help limit the area of damage and boost skin’s regenerative response.

Benefits of Calecim Professional Serum:

  • Calming, soothing & restoring lightweight serum
  • Delivers both immediate & long-term aesthetic benefits
  • Promotes cell signaling peptides & activates tissue renewal
  • Ideal for application post-procedure to repair & soothe
  • Calms red, sensitised & traumatised skin

How to use:

It is recommended to use one ampoule per treatment. Cleanse face thoroughly. Divide the face into four zones: forehead, nose and temples, left cheek and neck, chin, front of neck and skin around the lips.

Calecim Professional Serum is ideal for use at home after in-clinic procedures.


6 x 4ml

Ingredients for Calecim Professional Serum: 

Key ingredients of Calecim Rejuvenating Conditioning Media:

  • Soluble Collagen
  • Albumin
  • Fibronectin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Consolidated Peptides or Glcyproteins

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