ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum

ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum

This unique concentrated serum formulated with 20% L ascorbic acid is the perfect serum for anyone wishing to prevent ageing, repair photodamage, reduce pigmentation and increase collagen support within their skin. Read More

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Repair and protect skin against environmental stressors with ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop.

Suitable for all skin types, this potent antioxidant serum contains unique ingredients including; 20% L ascorbic acid providing collagen, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory support. 2% Niacinamide helps to reduce pores size and smooth skin. 1% Tocopherol provides antioxidant support. 1% Ferulic Acid supports Vitamin C & E activity and 0.5% Pantothenic Acid is an anti-stress vitamin.

Shielding the skin from ageing, this formula also helps to protect from environmental damage caused by UV radiation, pollution, toxins and chemicals whilst also helping to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are harmful and damaging to the skin by causing the oxidisation of cells that leads to biological damage.

Oxidisation also accelerates the speed at which the skin ages, free radical damage can be caused; UV exposure, pollution, smog, city grime, chemicals, alcohol and smoking.

Vitamin C is both stable and able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, enabling this serum to disarm free radicals with a unique powerful 20% concentration of Vitamin C. Ferulic Acid helps to stabilise the antioxidant actions provided through Vitamins C & E.

Vitamin E, a well-studied antioxidant can occur naturally within the skin, however it is easily depleted due to environmental stresses such as sun exposure, pollution, infrared rays and smog.

Sodium Hyaluronate, a unique hydrator, can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, providing constant hydration and working as an antioxidant to protect the skin.

Benefits of ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum:

  • Neutralises free radicals within the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Reduces pores and smooth’s skin.
  • Reduces signs of ageing.

How to use:

In the morning, use 3-7 drops on face, neck, décolleté & hands as required.

Always replace the lid and keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the activity of the antioxidant.

Once opened this product will have a shelf life of 6 months. After that it will likely have oxidised and will no longer work effectively to protect & shield the skin.

Size: 30ml

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